How I can configure the taskbar of Windows 7/8 to be like in Windows XP?

Windows 7 comes standard with the style Superbar activated. While it is quite convenient, at first glance can be quite intimidating for Windows users of all life by the drastic change involved. To leave the taskbar as life must make two small “tweaks” to the interface.
[*] Right click on the taskbar> Properties> Make Use small icons> In “buttons Taskbar” Combining when full (or never if we combine that never stacked).
[*] In the final version of Windows 7 is no way to disable the previews of the windows as there was in Vista, but can be configured so that the response time is so long that almost never leave. For this, we will run … (Or Search) in the Start Menu> write Regedit and agree to run the Windows registry editor> navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced> Once there, in the area of the right created a new DWORD> We call it “ExtendedUIHoverTime”, without quotes, and assign a decimal value high as 60000. Are milliseconds, by the way. > Accept, we close the record and close the user session or reboot to apply the changes.

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