How social networks influence the reputation of brands

Currently, social networks have become one of the most important communication tools for companies, since users prefer to consult other publications or revise comments being made about the product or service they offer. Thus, the reputation of the brand is influenced by large-scale social media.

Therefore, companies should be careful with the management of communication with their consumers. They must constantly communicate, provide information and answer questions real time, for only then will guarantee to have a satisfied consumer repays them positive feedback in social networks, which will help in the positive growth of the reputation of its trademark.

Social networks and brands

Previously, the brand identity is built through advertising in traditional media (television, radio and newspaper). Now with the Internet, social networks are contributing to it.

Web 2.0 has moved closer to the companies with their consumers, allowing both to establish a permanent communication. It is in this context to talk about brand reputation is important.

What is the reputation

To speak of reputation is necessary to speak of identity. Identity is what the company is or pretend to be. From brand identity generate various views or perceptions, which are building the reputation of the brand. That is, how good or not the service or product offered by the company.

The more people know about the company, the more important it becomes to build a brand’s reputation, as the interaction of the public and the business is becoming increasingly complex.

How to strengthen a brand on the Internet

Sometimes companies invest time and dedication to build your reputation, but this can fall apart in a matter of seconds.

How can companies avoid certain crisis?
In Webespacio we suggest some points to keep in mind: 
– Constant communication: according to research by the agency Fleishman – Hillar, brands that have a real-time communication with consumers generate greater confidence.

– What is published on social networks remains: everything that goes on the Internet is stored permanently. Taking into account because this point is try to take a photo or video from somewhere because you can not delete.

– Easy to find content: Any comments, video or image that is uploaded to social networks can be found through a simple search. However, this point has its benefits as it will allow users easy access to your activity history.

– Speed ​​to Answer: This point is relevant because almost most companies overlook this observation.In case of criticism from users, it is recommended that these be answered immediately. Do not let time pass awaiting approval from the head of the business area, it would be late.

What are prosumers?

Prosumers are people active in social networks, which contribute to their participation in building brand identity through conversations with other consumers. Sometimes, they will become our allies to spread the benefits of our products.

It should be stressed at this group of people, because you must remember that users are informed of the products through social networks, share their experiences positively either to or negative, in order to warn other consumers.


The reputation of a brand involves a coordinated effort between different areas of a business enterprise, which must invest in their relationship with the client and society at large rather than concern about sales, in order to have greater control of the reputation brand. In general, the formation of corporate image is influenced by many factors, from the transparency and respect in customer relations.

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