How to add the button “Send by Y! Messenger ” on every post of your blog

The “Send by Y! Messenger ” button is very useful for promoting items from a blog / website as the “retweet “(which I have written here). Here’s how you can do also have a button “Send by Messenger Y” on each page of your blog.
This tutorial is for blogs hosted on Blogger or WordPress, but the maneuver is similar on other platforms.BloggerFirst thing, go to the tab “Layout” (Layout) from the main menu of your Blogger account and click on sub tab “Edit HTML” (Edit HTML). Safety Saves a copy of your template (template) on your computer in case something goes wrong.

Now, make sure the “Expand Widget Templates” (Expand Widget Template) is selected in the top right corner of the HTML editing box.

Are you ready to work. First, you must create a CSS class in which to customize how you show your link. Find code ]]></ b: skin> and paste the following code just below it:

. Button {margin-top-messenger: 15px;
font-size: 11px;
line-height: 18px;}

If you know your CSS, you can configure the class above as they please.

Then look in the HTML edit box after a row containing <div class=’post-footer’>.Once found, if you want the button “Send by Y! Messenger “appears at the bottom (footer) of each posts (over the details of the author, comments, etc.) stick the following code just before this line. You can play CSS least: if you change the location code below, reference link by Y! Messenger will appear in various parts of your post.

<div class=’buton-messenger‘>
<a expr:href='”ymsgr:im?+&msg=” + data:post.title + “:%20” + data:post.url’> Send by Y! Messenger </ a>
</ Div>

Ready, click “Save Template” (Save Template). From now on, visitors will see your blog after every post a button “Send by Y! Messenger “that can send the title and a link to that post their Yahoo Messenger friends.


Similarly, for WordPress, you must first create a class in your CSS style of your theme (it’s usually style.css), just as we saw above for Blogger. Then open single.phpîntr a text editor and insert the following code where you want to show the link Y! M:

<A href = “ymsgr: im? + & Msg = <? Php echo wp_title (”)?>: <? Php echo get_permalink ()?>”> Send by Y! Messenger </ a>
</ Div>

Note: WordPress theme files installed you can access through your site control panel: cPanel log in to, then go into File Manager, and from there browse rutapublic_html / wp-content/themes to your theme.

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