How to add the Telnet command on Windows 7

I often need to administer PC, router, … remote. For that I used until now the Telnet protocol.But since the migration from Windows XP to Windows Seven this command disappeared.

We will see how to activate telnet in Windows 7.

Indeed, Windows 7 (and Vista), the Telnet command (Terminal Network: an old protocol client / server based on TCP) is not enabled by default.

To make it available, open a command line session by typing cmd in the search field of Windows 7.

Then type the following two commands in the end with the Enter key.

pkgmgr / iu: TelnetClient
pkgmgr / iu: TelnetServer

Restart your computer to reflect the changes, a warning message appears, click Yes.

And finally typing Telnet to access this new protocol.

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