How to clean the swap file

This swap file, also called the “swap file” is used by Windows to store on the hard disk of temporary information.
For the RAM, all information is purged when the computer is off. This is not the case of the swap file is left intact to extinction each PC, keeping old data and confidential information can be exploited by a malicious third party.

For reasons of security and optimization, it is possible to activate the purge that file to the machine stop. This feature is disabled by default because it increases “summarily” closing time operating system.

  • Go to Start
  • Then Run
  • Enter Regedit, press OK
  • Expand the tree to edit the key:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControSession ManagerMemory Management
  • Edit the value by double clicking on the value:

    and give it the value 1

You just have to close the registry and restart the computer for this option to be considered.

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