How to compose and reply to messages in new Gmail interface

Gmail recently made ​​available to the new user interface for composing messages. If you do not already have the new interface for writing , one of these days-at the time of writing a message, you will see an image like the one below. It will explain the three features of the new interface: speed, simplicity and power. If you start to test the new feature of Gmail, Google will give you a little help telling you some parts of the window, which we will detail below.


Using the new Gmail interface

To start using the new Gmail email interface must first know its characteristics and new features. Let’s see what are the features that account.

As with the previous interface features:

  • How To, Cc, Bcc, and Subject
  • Bar for text
  • Icon to attach files and add links.
  • Via the “More Options” that is located in the lower right corner, you can find the function to add labels and correct the spelling of text.

What’s new in the current Gmail interface:

  • The option to insert pictures in the message. You can insert an image from your computer or website by inserting the photo link. For that go to the camera icon.
  • Hovering over the text options and insertion of links, you can view the letter combinations to select them.
  • Emoticones options are not now available in the new interface, but it is made available the option of printing directly from the message composition window.
  • One option is removed “Save Now”, since messages are automatically saved. If you accidentally close the compose window, do not worry you can find your message in the folder “Drafts”.
  • The act of replying and forwarding messages, have small changes. In both cases you can change the recipient when composing your message, and you can choose between responding to a single person or all, or forward the message.
  • The best advantage of the new interface that makes it possible to review the emails that arrive while composing a message without having to leave the advantage or leaving them for another time. Now, if you are from the people you do not like change much, rest assured that Gmail gives you the option of returning to the old interface.

To compose and reply to messages:

Steps to compose messages in Gmail:

1. – Log into your Gmail email account. 
2. – Go to the tab “Write”. 
3. – Then a window will open for writing. They write the message you want to send. 
4. – Once you have set your message. Click “Send”. And ready.

Steps to reply to messages in Gmail:

At the time of reply to the message, and will not open a window as in the time of writing an email. To do this follow the steps below you:

1. – Select the messages you want to answer. 
2. – Remember that the new interface gives you 4 options. Choose the one you want and responds immediately the message I got.


Advice and tips

    • If you want to minimize or open the wording used in other icons that are in the top right.
    • To go back to the old interface to the “More Options” that is located in the lower right corner. Detach the seal between the alternatives and find the option “Switch to the previous wording interface”.Clicking on the option will close the advantage and Ready! We returned to the old Gmail.
    • If you decide to try the new interface can go to the top of your screen at the time of writing and you click on the link that invites you to test.

Potential Problems

An inconvenience of having the window is in the bottom right. For although the window can be opened for writing in an external with arrow icon located in the upper right can not be moved to another site directly holding the mouse over it.

Did you know …

The bleed options are hidden in the option “Alignment” 
also insert options open when the mouse is placed on the role of “Insert File” 
If you want to delete a file you just have to click on the Trash icon .


Try testing the new interface, you might take a bit of time to adapt to it, but as mentioned has new features that make it worth using. In addition we note that the new interface, although some users have it, were standardized in all accounts, so you better get used to it now.

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