How to create an account at

Create a Hotmail account is a great choice to have an online mail because as most of us know, is one of the best Webmail servicesoffered on the Internet today.

Unlike other free emails and online, either Gmail or Yahoo Mail , Microsoft service offers users the ability to save emails in bulk, that is, without limit. This feature was one of which Hotmail positioned as one of the most important Internet Webmail, since no one offered such storage capacity when creating an account free email course.

If so far you have not tried the Microsoft, for then the tutorial below will explain to thee great, and it is that we’ll tell you step by step to follow to register on Hotmail.

Tools required for registration

  • Having over 13 years to create the account and not need confirmation from parents.
  • Having the updated browser, in any case have Google Chrome or Firefox if possible.

Create an account on Hotmail stepper

    1. The first step to take to create your Hotmail is click on the link below to enter Hotmail ( )
    2. Once inside the site, you need to click on ‘Register Now’ option that appears at the bottom right of the web and that is in blue.
    3. This opens a form you must fill in the following way:
      • Name: Ingrésalos in the blanks.
      • Date of birth: Here you have to enter your birthday.
      • Gender: Choose your gender.
      • Account Name: Put a name for your email account.
      • Create a Password: Enter a password that will be easy to remember.
      • Bring it to write.
      • Enter a mobile number.
      • Select the country where you live.
      • Put your card number.
      • Enter the code shown in the image as a safety measure.
  1. And ready, finally only need to click “OK” to finish your registration email in Hotmail.

In conclusion we can say that you’ve created an account on Hotmail, one of the safest existing emails. Also, you should know that Microsoft has changed the course of Hotmail Outlook going to call a new simple and minimalist design that we are convinced that you will love. Remember log in or and start enjoying your inbox!

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