How to create an administrator account in Windows 7

As with Vista, the administrator account is not created by default on Windows 7 (Seven). The Administrator account can be useful in the case of a crash or other virus.

To create it is quite simple. We start with the idea that this is a normal version of Windows 7, the most common and non-Ultimate version of Windows 7 which has a more simplified procedure, the account is already present there but just disabled.

To create the account, start and in the search window, type regedit. In the list above, right click on “Regedit.exe” and select “Run as administrator”. Confirm with “Yes” the control message.

In the left column, locate the key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon.

Right click on Winlogon and select New => Key. Give it as SpecialAccounts name.
Then right click on SpecialAccounts key and select New => Key. Give her name as UserList.

On the left select your new key UserList (highlight) and the right side right click and select New => DWORD 32 bits. The name is Administrator and a value which will activate the well of 0 will disable the Administrator account.

Close the registry, start and in the search window, type cmd. Cmd.exe will appear in search results. Right click on cmd.exe and select Run as administrator.
In the command prompt window that appears, type the line:
net user administrator / active: yes

Just close your sale or at best to reboot for the Administrator account enabled and visible.

And to disable it just type
net user administrator / active: no

You should know that the Administrator account is useful for managing passwords profiles profiles or transfer files from one account with the error message “Your profile was not loaded correctly” which requires the establishment new account and delete the one that blocks until the startup of Windows 7.

Remember that the Administrator account only used for troubleshooting or maintenance of your system and not for the Internet, play games or chat on MSN!

Windows 7 Ultimate, do Start => Control Panel => System and Security => Administrative Tools => Local Security Policy => Security Options.
On the right side select “Administrator account status” and the tab “Local Security Setting”, select Enabled, and then Apply.

Log off the Administrator account and will be available in a choice of user accounts.

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