How to filter messages in Facebook

You know the popular social network Facebook has gradually changed the setting of “Who can send you Facebook messages” in order to improve its messaging service as it had the previous configuration errors. While anyone can send messages, but now you choose how to filter them.

Message Filtering Options on Facebook

Before turning to configure message filtering, recall that so far most of the messages you receive in your inbox are from friends and people you may know. So now, you have two choices for message filtering system.

basic filtering:

Basic filtering is message settings as default is the social platform, where mainly really messages from friends and people who may know , such as friends of friends. If users have previously selected the privacy settings as “Friends of Friends” or “Everybody” for receiving messages, this option is enabled by default.

strict filtering:

Selecting strict filtering, you will see mainly messages from your friends in your inbox . In this case, users who previously had only settings as “friends” will have this option by default. Now the messages are not stored in your inbox will go directly into the folder “Other”.

If you want to change the default settings of message filters on popular social platform, follow the steps below will show you.

Steps to filter messages on Facebook

Step1: Login in Facebook. Then you click on the icon “messages“, located on the left side of the home page of your own to go to social inbox of your message.

Step2: Once you’re in the “inbox” message, you click on the option “other”, located in the upper left corner of the posts. Then you click on the “Edit Preferences”.

Step3: Then a window will appear with two options, where you must choose between basic or strict filtering, then you click on a word.

Possible problems:

Quite possibly

sometimes, despite having chosen a filter, receive messages from strangers or you’re not connected to your Inbox. For example we have: a friend of a friend you include in a message along with some mutual friends, a member of a group to which you belong or you send a message included in a message, or a friend who is not a Facebook user uses your contact information to send you a message through Facebook Messenger application.

Faced with this problem

the popular social network, which now has almost 1000 0000 registered users, is working to improve message delivery. One of the tests being carried out is the possibility of charging $ 1 for users who want to send private messages to strangers or that are not in your contact list.


Advice and tips

          If for x reasons


          from people that have no relevance to you in your inbox, you have the


      “Move to another” or “SPAM” from the Actions menu.


If you receive messages

  • who do not want to know anything, we recommend you choose the option to block the user so he can not contact you by any means.
  • Now however if you find messages in the spam folder or other interested you see in your inbox, just reply or click on the “Send to Inbox” from the Actions menu.

Did you know …?

Your messages are automatically filtered with the new configuration as the popular social network Facebook has changed to only receive messages from friends and people you may know in your inbox. Besides the novelty of the new configuration allows you to attach multiple photos to your posts, connect with friends and more friends.


Despite choose a preference filter offers the popular social network is easier than any Facebook user can send messages to other users, and any person, other than social platform user, you can send an email mail with just knowing the email address from Facebook. It is therefore important that in addition to choosing the filter follow the advice and tips that we have given in this guide.

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