How to get positive reviews for your business on the Internet

Currently consumers have Internet to get more information about a particular product they want to purchase. This means that your customers can review before making a purchase decision, the comments of the products or services that are in social networks, and what you say will depend ratify or change their initial purchase decision.

Therefore and considering how important it is to get positive feedback on social networks about the products and / or services offered by your business, we have developed this note with tips and suggestions to make it.

Tips to get more positive comments on the Internet

1. – Do not create false positive feedback:

know Entries found in social networks are often shared and can make a business grow or just fall. So many companies in despair of getting more positive reviews than negative, fall into the temptation to create false positive feedback, which will benefit them away from negative affects, as working-transparent so all you get is their prestige.

Before this wave of deception, some companies like Yelp or TripAdvisor , are having zero tolerance against false views generated on websites about their products and / or services. Among the steps companies are taking to warn users about the existence of comments created by people paid, place a warning and remove the comment.

2.-Face negative comments:

If we consider that a negative review can mean the loss of 30 clients, and also in 10 7 share a comment (whether negative or positive) with their immediate environment, then business will be more careful in dealing bad to your customers, meaning they will do anything to make their customers satisfied to leave its premises, for only then will avoid negative comments. Remember that you can not generate good reviews if you have satisfied customers who can write.

But if for some reason the companies already have negative reviews, which should make the marks. In that case it is recommended immediately respond the negative comment and ask the customer to give the reason for your opinion to take into account and provide a solution to the problem that is bothering the client. If the company then delayed answer may aggravate the situation.

3. – Encourage the faithful customers write their comments:

Another way to counteract the bad reviews is to ensure that there are more positive comments. This loyal customers should write their recommendations and / or comments about the company. But for that to happen you have to encourage satisfied customers to decide to make their opinions because by themselves they will not.

  • The first thing to do is identify your loyal customers, for that you must perform the following question by email or on social networks, “On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our service ? “those who put 9 0 10 are selected customers.
  • Then give customers the necessary weapons to value and discuss the services or products of the company. One option is to lead them directly to the social site or website where they can evaluate the brand.

4. – Give thanks for the recommendations and comments:

not forget to monitor the comments made on the website and on social sites where your customers are reviewing information about your business. Also do not forget to thank all users who make positive or negative comments about your business, especially if they are recommendations. Thus will encourage others also recommend or comment on their services.

5. – Create communities to encourage the participation of their clients:

community involvement can not only help raise awareness about your business, but can also serve as a reminder for other customers will be encouraged to make appropriate recommendations about your product or service.

6. – Provide a link to your satisfied customers to leave their opinions:

Sometimes satisfied customers do not know where to put their recommendations and / or comments on the services provided by a company, and that communication is only via telephone, email or in person. Therefore, we recommend that each time you contact them very subtly invite them to visit your website, social sites or send via email the link to give their opinions.

7. – Request write you comments:

always good to subtly ask your existing customers and followers in social networks leave their views on the service provided by your company, tell them you love them can share their experiences with other usuairios. Satisfied customers will be happy to do so, while others will do it because it is useful. In fact, a study commissioned by Bazaarvoice found that a desire to help others was the reason that 90% of consumers are encouraged to write their comments.

8. – Perform subtle questions:

Another way to encourage your loyal customers to write a review is by asking questions about the service provided. Satisfied customers will gladly respond. Remember that many companies do not have any comment simply because they do not ask, do simple language, for example saying “hope you had the best service possible. Feel free to tell us about your experience here (link). ”

9. – Appeal to mathematics:

Remember, the more requests, ask questions and interact with their customers across different platforms, you’ll most likely get more positive comments than negative. Even if you are providing the best product or service will see that some people tend to complain. So your goal should be a lot of mostly good reviews. This means that if we get 10 comments 7 should be good and 3 bad, that’s very good.

10. – Avoid buying positive feedback:

Many of the reviews I found on the Internet are not usually made by people who have tried the service or product. There are third-party payers to write a positive comment about what they produce. For example, a search industry books sold thousands of copies of their works, think positive feedback would help encourage more people to buy the book, but what if this comment is made by a person not even read the book.

Remember one case in 2010, when Mr. Rutherford had the “brilliant” idea of ​​creating a company dedicated to making positive comments. The authors produced hired and comments. Everything was going well until in 2011 Google learned of the false comments and ban the business. Rutherford had made money out of fake reviews.

That situation gives little sign of ethics that may have some companies, because only seek to deceive, and although it is true that most online reviews are done by people hired is not recommended that businesses or companies to use such actions, as currently honesty is what matters most.


Advice and tips

  • not resort to third to earn a little more famous than its competitors. All it does is deceive their customers and if the service provided is not mentioned as insurance lose more than I thought win.
  • Encourage your customers to have a more direct experience with their service. Not enough images to your website. Remember they are through recommendations reach more customers.
  • Invite a comment

  • its users about their services and / or products. That’s a good way to find out what the company is failing and then make the respective changes.
  • Making clients feel identified with the service. You can share with them promotions or offers, so they can tell their personal stories on the web site or social networking.


know …

There are companies dedicated to creating positive feedback from business services or products. One is that created by Todd Rutherford , who had a website. engaged on positive comments . The company collapsed when made a negative review, which took to uncover this deceptive action causing the same Google issued a response.



If you enjoy a good reputation on the Internet, do not be tempted to create or buy positive reviews about your company that will be published in different social networks. The best thing to do is to discuss your own clients about the services your business provide. Of course good reasons and give them the best tools to be them, those who fight the negative comments.

If you think your business is not important to the transparency you commented that you are wrong, because that’s your best presentation on social media. To end a moral: if you want to keep growing, working with honesty.

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