How to launch your blog on Twitter

Do you have a blog? Some keep blogs for personal reasons than others then use them to generate income. If you use blogs to generate income, you need dune effective marketing campaign. There are traditional approaches, such as marketing darticle, pay per click, Seo, but try to think outside the box. A marketing technique of growing popularity is Twitter. In case you do not know, Twitter is a social networking site. It sagit of a program based on the user by allowing members to create an account. Contact is important for Twitter accounts. Mail accounts for users of location-based search and messaging.

Some members get Twitter contacts via electronic bulletin boards for building contact lists. When you place post messages is called a Tweet. Tweets are sent to the disciples, and they can answer. Updates are limited to 140 characters, but they can be sent in different ways. Twitter nimporte like any other social networking site, but it has much more potential. It can be an effective marketing campaign sil is used wisely.

The first step is to create a free account and a list of supporters following the updates of the members. Be sure to return the favor of those who follow you. Once you start building your list, you can start marketing your blog on Twitter. Do not forget to check online message boards asking followers. Your first instinct may be to tweet your blog. You can, but it should not be an advertisement. Instead, the first tweet should introduce your self, your blog. Just say hello. Tell them that you found THE USE of the site and thank you follow What makes a personal connection between you and the users. You do not want to believe quils are used only for advertising.

the following tweet, start working on your blog in the mixture. Tell them what you expect for the next update. Tweet “I am updating blog. You may be interested. “And give your link. They want to know you are interested in and click on your link. It may encourage them to buy a product, but the first book on The increase of page views. competition offer on your blog. Your blog about weight loss? Give a free ebook on weight toss. People like free stuff.

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