How to permanently save your videos to Facebook Poke

Facebook recently announced implementing allowed to send messages that self-destructed after a few seconds. If you have reached a video and did not know how to save and be destroyed, do not worry that there is already a way how to keep it permanently. Of course, this fact that gives Webespacio only applies to videos.

Some people have found a way to save your text messages, photos or videos is to capture the screen, but they do not know is that in doing so the Facebook Poke the person notifies the sender has a screengrab ( screenshot) of what was sent.

So if you want to save your videos without the other person to know, you just need to download a file manager such as iExplorer. Once done, connect your phone to a PC or Mac You can view the list of your applications so follow these steps: Poke selected folder, go to the library, select the Caches FBStore video you want to save.

iexplorer poke

Remember only you can save those videos that have not seen . Then, create a folder and copy the files into it. Finally, you can review the file to your mobile device and let it destroy itself and have everything saved. As mentioned above, this step only let you save videos Facebook Poke . If you Snapchat has commented that the steps are similar if you want to store videos and photos.

Some users have found a vulnerability in being able to save part of the Facebook Poke messaging, but to the same social network Facebook considers the application as a system that is designed for secure messaging and inclusion provided as an alternative to Messaging save screenshot. So with this is not transgressing anything. In short, everyone is responsible for what you send or share, as everything must be done responsibly.

I hope the article has been useful. If you know of another way to permanently store the messages, videos or photos do not hesitate to share with us.

Source: Mashable

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