How to re-index your website on Google?

If your site is no longer indexed by Google , is a very serious problem. The reasons why this occurs may vary, since your domain has expired, until you Google has penalized for malpractice. When this happens, the first question that arises is how to recover your indexing? The good news is that with the dedication necessary after a month or less, depending on the page, you can recover the traffic.

Steps to recover search engine indexing .

First, you must determine what caused the problem. If you have been penalized by Google , you must know why and fix the error. Once the problem has been resolved that caused the de-indexation, may proceed to take the first steps as sending sitemaps, crawl rate increase and use the ” fetch as GoogleBot “of Google Webmaster Tools throughout the portal. This will notify Google that your site is in the air and ready to be tracked.

Now that Google is crawling your site, using all the social media you have, to increase traffic to your website. Use Google + in your shared content pages to promote thus Google will realize faster your activity but not yet indexed page.

The most time consuming step is the optimization of content . It is necessary to review the entire contents of the page and optimize them to the fullest. All meta tags, meta descriptions and meta keywords should be impeccably chosen and also you need to refresh the page content to give novelty and Google to take into account faster. Executes an aggressive link building that Google will rediscover again and you re-index

Do not panic, the indexation is not a death sentence for your website , although it is a hard blow that must be taken to recover quickly, it is necessary to take rapid and effective action. Then efforts will be reflected in the work. Furthermore, the recovery arduous search your rankings on Google can mean a substantial improvement in your traffic, even before you been de-indexed.

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