How to Recover Your Forgotten Windows Password?

How to Recover Your Forgotten Windows Password?

You have to admit that we often tend to forget our passwords. And how could not we? We have to remember our PC passwords, our email passwords, mobile PINs, credit cards PINs. The list gets longer and longer. And the worst thing is that we always forget them when we urgently need to use one of these things. There is always possibility to write them down, but opposite there is always the possibility to forget where we have written them down.

How can we handle this kind of situations?

Let’s focus on our Windows Account password. There are few possibilities we can try.

First, we can always create Password Recovery disk, but most of us don’t even think about this possibility or we have the propensity to think that we don’t need it since we will “never” forget our password.

Next, we can always call for a technician, but we have to be aware that the costs of this option might not be that low as well as time consuming.

Finally, there are few tools on the net that can help us with our problem. The hard thing however is to figure out which is the best. On the other hand, not all of us are computer “geeks” and are not quite familiar how to operate these tools. Furthermore, we can never be sure that these tools would not mess up our computer even more and delete all the information we desperately tried to access. Do these tools even work on different Windows platforms, like Vista, XP or Windows 7? So which one do we choose?

After long search I was able to find the tool that helps you recover your forgotten Windows password in less than a minute. It is completely safe and supports any Windows Installation. I have used it and I think it is a great help to all those who have a tendency to lose their passwords.

Learn more about this safe way to reset your forgotten Windows password on, before you try any of the options we discussed above.

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