How to Restart Windows without restarting the PC

Sometimes after I install a program on your PC with Windows , we are asked to restart your computer to finish the installation. What many do not know is that in most cases you can just restart the Windows Explorer to update the record and apply the changes, which can save a few minutes of our time.

To reset the file browser in Windows , after installing a program or application, we can follow the following steps:

    • We press the key combination CTRL + ALT + DELETE .

Then see

  • window Task Manager of Windows. In the process list of the task manager Find and select the process “ Windows Explorer ” or “ Explorer.exe “.
  • click on the button “End Task ” or “Restart ” (depending on your version of Windows).
  • If a window with the message “ Close Windows we click Cancel .



  • few seconds and restart Windows Explorer, refreshing the desktop and taskbar.



The above steps will work in most cases to apply final changes after you install a program, but sometimes you need to restart the operating system and then just as we can save some time, with the following trick:

    • We click on the Start button and then on Off the system to display a menu with the option “Restart “.
    • We press the shift key, the left key while you click on the Restart / OK
    • Then we will see in the message “Windows is shutting “. If we fail to see the message, we can repeat the previous step replacing the shift key for SHIFT key .
    • hope we will have a few seconds and restarted the system saving us load BIOS and other operations that would take a few minutes.


The above steps are valid for Windows XP , Vista and 7 . If users are Windows 8 , you will not need to avail ourselves of such “tricks” because in the latest version of the operating system has been significantly reduced startup time.

If we users of Windows 8 and our team has a solid state drive (SSD) results further favored with the new Quick Start mode, which allows the system in less than six seconds. This mode can be activated easily by following the steps in the following tutorial: Activate or deactivate the Quick Launch in Windows 8.

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