How to use Google Plus Hangout

Google+ hangouts are helping people to play real-life interactions but on the web. This can be used in everyday life to coordinate family gatherings or parties with friends, also in education and teamwork in the workplace for collaborative projects.

You can also use the hangouts to start a conversation in real time with other users anywhere in the world via its video chat, which allows you to talk simultaneously with up to 9 people. Follow the steps below.

Starting a hangout on Google Plus

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If you are using hangouts

first note the following:

  • review system requirements and verify that your browser, operating system, processor and broadband Internet conform to what is asked.
  • download and install the latest version of the voice and video plug for Google+ hangout.
  • Make sure your webcam, headphone and microphone work correctly.

Steps to start a hangout:

1. Go to the homepage of Google+, and the top of the right sidebar, click the button “Start Hangout”.

start hangout

2. A new screen will be displayed, there will have to add the circles or people you want to invite to hangout. You can display the list and select your contacts or click profile pictures you see on the right of the screen.

inviting people to hangout

3. Next, type a name for your hangout.

put a name to hangout

4. Before starting, you can also set the “Hangout Options” by clicking on the appropriate link. A window will open where you can restrict access by minors, so that only people over 18 can participate, and you can change the language of the hangout. At the end click on “Save”.

options hangout

5. Finally, click on the “Start a Hangout” to start the video chat with your guests.

start a hangout

Using the basic functions of Google Plus Hangout

1. To invite more people: Although a hangout has started, you can still invite more people to join the chat. Just click on the “Invite others” in the left sidebar of the page. You can add individual contacts or full circles.

add more guests to hangout

2. Hangouts for over 18 years: Before initiating a chat session can restrict hangout to be only accessible to adults. Click on the “hangout options” and enable the checkbox “Restrict access by minors to this hangout.” Once you start chatting, you can not change this feature, and your guests will not invite children.

3. To close a hangout : When you have completed your video chat session, just say goodbye to your friends and click on the “Exit” at the top right of the screen. Check out our article with all the features and applications of the hangout.

close a hangout


using a hangout having problems with the audio or video, follow the following recommendations technicians Google+:

  • sure that your webcam and your microphone is properly connected.
  • Check that no other application on the computer while using the microphone or webcam.
  • Click the option “Settings” hangout, located at the top of the screen and make sure that the supplement use web camera and microphone right.
  • Close session and re-enter the hangout.
    Restart your computer
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Advice and tips

To ensure optimal

experience with your hangout session, try the following tips:

  • Verify that you have the latest software for your webcam.
  • Make sure you have good lighting. A good way to improve the quality of the recording have sufficient lighting, you can help with a lamp or lamp located behind the camera.
  • headset with microphone for better audio experience.


its ease of use and free product hangouts are one of the best options to start and even video chat sessions have become strong competition to Skype, the popular video calling service, as it will not need installing special programs Already you used the Google Plus hangouts? Tell us your experience.

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