HP e-mail solutions

Program Description

HP EasyMail solution is designed specifically for business users a complete solution for e-mail.

email solution package HP is the market demand of the threat. Because of economic and technological development, more competitive market, the work also requires more effective means of communication, a company can succeed. However, if the clubs have sprung up in the cracks of small and medium enterprises to survive and thrive? This is a common problem that we face.

companies are set up their own e-mail system is a valid means of improving competitiveness. However, according to the market analysis shows that more than half of business users, has not built its own email system, while the other half over 60% of business users to use the provided virtual ISP mail server. In many virtual mail service companies often can not complain about high performance, good service and timely. Therefore, to establish their own set of powerful and easy to use, scalability and good, but also consider the design of investment protection, and without hiring professionals to manage e-mail system is the best option.


EasyMail – Webmail solution package is a major project for the complete solution for business users in the reflection of the commercial range. Users do not need more consultation and adjustment, you can fill out to get the desired functionality. Directed ease of use and management of the combined total. The server to tape, from the mail server software, operating systems, backup software from: including HP NetServer E series servers or L series, a DAT tape drives and backup software and a packet Xteam Linux operating system software EasyMail.

Application Object

need to build a business on their own e-mail system independent to improve efficiency, but can not afford to provide professional managers of small and medium enterprises, manufacturing and education services. The size of its position in the number of users does not exceed 100 people, the message data must not exceed 6 GB, the right of the product life cycle expectations Yu no more than 3 years (possibility of future applications at low cost Upgrade reduction)

Functional Overview


EasyMail is entirely web-based, and supports POP3 and SMTP e-mail server software functionality, hardware and services suitable for a complete solution. Users can not only use traditional e-mail client to access their e-mail, such as Outlook98, Foxmail, you can use a variety of media and platforms anytime, anywhere with a browser to access their mailboxes, manage their own posts. Staff that the administrator can use anywhere, any browser monitor and manage the system. Provided for the use and maintenance of flexibility and convenience.


Based on

administrators a graphical browser interface management tool can not monitor the rigorous training of other, non-IT professionals. Browser-based, fully graphical tool based management interface on how to achieve this advantage.

Ease of use of the system configuration and Hewlett-Packard servers based entirely on advanced pre-optimized PC. The installation method is used image CD burning server’s hard disk, so there is not a lot of installation problems. Optimal Design for specialized hardware, system software performance and configuration process, all reflect the unique considerations and design.

system design, including a strategy email automatic maintenance space, the system after the implementation of strategies to achieve a degree of system mailbox automatically maintained to avoid space overflow. This is not professional management company network or the unit is probably necessary.

The system is fully mature platform Linux development, better performance than the network system operating reliability and stability is higher, the minimum cost of system resources UNIX and Linux. Consequently, HP EasyMail system is entirely based on the platform well known supplier Xteam Linux * operating system developed by the network. Location and service, especially in the performance of a great advantage.


server HP E-series or L series network

Intel Pentium Ⅲ 933 or higher
64 MB of memory or more Hard
9.1 GB SCSI hard disk or more
Network Card 10/100
screen 15 inches
Other features

true distributed management system, all modules can be installed independently as HP EasyMail ideas integrated into modular software design. Its structure is a distributed, modular, by the following modules: Module (SMTP for sending e-mail service), POP3 module (for the client to receive postal services), CA User Authentication Module (grouping verification), the message store (Mail User store, easy to extend) at the end of the Web Mail before (to provide Web users), before the end of the management (needed for web administrators to help management).
Good scalability scalability, investment protection, the growth of the company, the increase in demand, it can be upgraded to higher versions, and different software modules, each running on different machines come together to complete the e-mail function. Each module can also be split to run on different machines, the dynamic load balancing. But this time the system according to specific needs and customize the profiles to use for the user. This structure supports a relatively large amount of user flexibility. System can be expanded in stages, the initial period of service, in accordance with the initial objective, directed by a moderator. This will reduce the initial investment in equipment, but also to avoid the waste of resources. As the business grows, the system can not meet the demand of users, the system can not terminate the services of the premise, by simply adding servers, install the modules, the system can reach updates seamless.

mode Supports multiple client access, so that you can visit at any time and anywhere in your mailbox, do not e-mail client software, no matter where in this system provide a unified interface Web-based. Find e-mail, address book, the auto-reply message, reject the message, the user management personal mailboxes, the message size restrictions and the transfer of functions from automatic messages. In no case less than the use of traditional messaging software client-specific.

Enhance Security User Authentication CA module to prevent the application of the message content standard technology stolen user authentication to prevent the user’s personal information or trade secrets fled and were tampered with. Because the installation of CA requires more hard disk space and CPU resources, so as not to require companies that encryption can not install, and provide a voluntary basis.

offers simple webpage / traditional switching functions, shielding communication barriers facing Chinese characters is that e-mail users for many software companies and a large headache. From national codes of standardization in the five major projects, which divided both simplified and traditional. Now, many companies and businesses in Hong Kong and Taiwan parties by e-mail, by chance, it will be distorted, leading to communication barriers. Therefore, well-designed HP EasyMail is your reliable backup system.

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