Huatai using Oracle Siebel CRM to achieve “customer-oriented” strategic transformation

With 360-degree view of customer information to improve the quality of customer service to increase profitability

Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred Huatai Securities) Using Oracle Siebel CRM creation of a new “customer-centric” customer relationship management (CRM), has not only improved the efficiency of management clients, increase profitability, strengthen industry collaboration and information sharing of data, but also to effectively support strategic business services to clients in transition from commodity to improve the competitiveness of the company.

Huatai Securities Services is a top ten China is the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the first comprehensive securities companies, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and has received AAA grade service providers securities now in all major cities in the country has nearly 180 outlets.

As the size of the company’s continued expansion and rapidly changing economic situation, dealing with clients Huatai Securities strategy produced a major change in strategy. The need to achieve 360-degree view of customers unified messaging, promote the exchange of information, coordination between different departments and increase the effectiveness of customer management, also called personalized, targeted marketing to meet the unique needs of our customers and improve service quality.

After thorough market research and complete evidence, Huatai Securities decided to Oracle Siebel CRM solutions to build its “customer-oriented” management system of customer relationship.

Oracle Siebel CRM system based on customer relationship management in support of a single channel of Huatai Securities to the full range of processing services for financial services policy, and helped by a flexible , targeted services, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also to achieve a total turnover and process management services, effectively regulate and optimize business processes and increase efficiency management customers.

through the management system customers new relations, Huatai Securities and build a complete display real-time customer information, view customer, category management and obtained matching customer service, so that staff client characteristics, study customer needs and achieve fine marketing. Global Vision also supports the sharing of information between departments to promote the various departments of the sales team and marketing in collaboration with others.

Huatai Securities acquired by Siebel CRM system, customer ratings and distribution capacity to locate high value customers, and develop marketing methods and adequate resources to ensure that customers receive for their products and services, significantly increase the profitability of customers, but also according to the customer information analysis and product analysis, performed with the target market targeted services, which effectively improved the success rate of marketing campaigns and corporate profits.

In addition, Huatai Securities has set up the curing process and the allocation of resource management platform strategy of information, significantly improved the effectiveness of intersectoral collaboration business sales activities and marketing.

Introduction to Oracle executives and customers

Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. Ministry official said: “Huatai Securities has selected Oracle’s Siebel CRM, because its aimed at improving customer service and flexible implementation of product characteristics and reliable service, well suited for help achieve strategic Huatai Securities objectives. through the implementation of Oracle Siebel CRM, Huatai Securities realize the value of customer-oriented marketing and competitive advantages of innovation, the core competitiveness of the company, the corporate ladder and the overall resistance to a new level. “

Oracle China, finance, securities and insurance CEO Zhuang Guoguang said: “The increasing complexity of financial products, many companies are facing financial business model of the product itself facing challenges customer-oriented. A vast, open, integrated Oracle solutions industry not only meet this challenge, but also help financial institutions better and has a capacity of strategic customer relationship management. “

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