IBM plans over 1,200 job cuts in France

There is no question of redundancy plan. But IBM does envisage the prospect of more than 1,220 job cuts in France over two years. This is the direction that explained Wednesday, April 24 during a central works council organized for the biennial forecast plan. A plan which supports the management of jobs and skills (GPEC), the prospect of job cuts spring mentioned a few days earlier by the unions. Perspective, just as shown Gerard Camel central CFDT delegate, our colleagues from the AFP : “There was no real plan presentation today. We will ask an expert to see if everything is really bad at IBM and to study the psycho-social impact of these cuts on the remaining staff. “CFDT, CFE-CGC and Unsa have also asked for” clarifications “fast “measures” proposed by the group.

In a statement, the CGT said that “the media are mainly covered services would lose 35% of their workforce”; activities related to software are not affected.

Especially, the CGT is concerned about the attitude of the other unions. In a statement, she says they “do not object to the substance of job losses.” According Unsa, IBM employed 26,000 people in France fifteen years ago, against only 9,730 today. For the CGT, “it gives us an average of 1,000 employees in less than a year, more than two years, announced in 1200.” Above all, “to avoid these reductions, it suffices first not to sign the management of jobs and skills, and then trigger an alert eco right to legally block all GPEC process. However, none of these majority and / or signatory unions has passed a law eco alert and none of them withdrew his signature “of GPEC.

CGT and denounce “complicity majority signatory unions.”

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