IDC decline: software piracy rate of 35 percent per year was only 1%

December 9, according to a study of the spread of software piracy seriously hampered economic development, and the current goes toward software piracy “group, specialization” direction in some countries, the causes of piracy, or Memela legal profession has become the default défaut.Selon IDC research report provided by the current global software market, piracy rates higher than 35%, the ratio of the annual decline was only 1%.

Reuters reported that more than 50 leading software companies in the world in the survey, IDC found that “two or three years, more tightly organized software piracy.” L The study showed that the rate of software piracy to 25% if the global reach of 240 million additional jobs, but also add value to $ 400 billion growth économique.Bien heard during the last 15 years has borne fruit against software piracy, the software piracy rate in Europe has risen from 80% in 1992 to 15% this year.

The Chinese government has said that before the end of 2005, the state bodies will completely eliminate software piracy, the end of 2006 the total expulsion of pirated software will entreprise.Le current issue of software piracy in the United States has been able to curb the piracy rate of only 21%.

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