IDC recommends software vendors separation technology platforms and platform products

September 2

new IDC China, today announced “roadmap software for business growth,” White Paper showed that nearly 70% less than the competitiveness of software developers in China. IDC suggested that Chinese companies software will focus on basic skills in understanding customers and fast delivery, architecture technology platform will be placed on the platform of commercial third-party software.


business in China is divided into software vendors with products and suppliers services.Deux basic elements of competition the company is not exactly the same chose.Focus on software projects Custom development of software companies based services, customer relationship skills, the ability to project management, technical capacity and human resources is a key element of Pingjiazhibiao and products Zhuan Zhu Yu standard software that Fa Yan Xingentreprises products, strategy, product planning and development capabilities, marketing skills and human resources are the essential elements of compétitivité.Deux types of businesses to increase competitiveness, these elements are also completed at higher stages of change, IDC process is divided into four stages développement.Étude revealed that the average software developers to service-oriented step 1.8.entreprises product averaged 2.4 Phase . Results showed that nearly 70% of Chinese software developers located in the lower level of 1.5-2.5, generally less competitive.

Guo Xin, the Chinese president, IDC estimates that software vendors in China are usually faced with three major challenges, which are development costs are not controlled, the instability caused by attrition, and structure of corporate resources and biased technical level.

this situation, IDC suggested that software development companies in China should focus on competitive basis Li Jie Li Zai right customers and Kuaisujiaofu Shang Ji Ji Jiao Shu Jiagou third platform management software platform .

IDC estimates that by deploying technology platforms, software developers can achieve better reuse, which can shorten the project cycle, reduce project risk and increase the capacity of the application to respond to changes in the system.

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