IE memory corruption flaw attack linked to horse spill at navigation station

These days, “the phenomenon of late spring weather” led to the circulation of many class website skyrocketed, with even some “Weather” modules receive station site navigation suit. However, the popularity has also led to block hackers horse. According to the security center 360 control data, the browser IE memory corruption “vulnerability patch yet, the number of attacks over the Internet continues big horses suspended 360 security guards attack against the horse Vulnerability total number blocking more than 10 million people. Among them, only one day on March 16, there are “seven navigation station on the site of Weather” hackers horse hung.


360 security specialists, IE corruption “memory” of vulnerability related to IE6 and IE7 browser, if the user is not associated with the use of anti-horse effective once sought to be suspended station site navigation Horse “Weather”, the computer will automatically download Trojan horses and chickens running all Daohao control procedures, monitoring and control computer remotely by hackers. “Internet users visit the station website navigation as an input to other major sites, the general will be put to the homepage of the browser. If these sites are related to pirates horse, the user retains the adoption of effective security measures, the consequences will naturally open your browser removal. “

memory corruption “IE” vulnerability has caused epidemics associated with horse, 360 security experts said, from 16 March to using the vulnerability related to the number of sites affected horse 1271 a total of 31,827 pages linked to Malaysia, has become a Trojan horse for the spread of the main channel. With different types of attacks that could “net Shengcheng My Device” in the hacking forums for the free movement, this group of figures in the coming months is likely to grow exponentially.

Photo caption: 360 intercept browser security “cottage version of” horse hung page navigation

360 security experts suggest, the site manager immediately repair website vulnerabilities to prevent hackers using SQL injection, cross site scripting attacks, and how to block horse, and should improve experience in management of password strength, many sites have been invaded because the password for connecting their backgrounds Set the default “admin”. Meanwhile, the proposed use of 360 security guards users to download the official version 6.2 of its network shield “function can block hanging round horses, fishing and other types of malicious web page, accessible from 360 “cloud killing the engine” kill-line with new Trojans, protect property and user privacy; For unknown safety, but had to visit the site recommends users to download and install the latest version of 360 security browser, use the “isolation” can be assured that will not cover the entire page in the movement.

Safety Tips:

“Horse hung” means the hackers for malicious code embedded web pages, whether computer users to access the web page security flaw, it will automatically download and run Trojan hacker specified.

Attachment: March 16 is connected to the horse part of the navigation on the website related cracker:

【Note: To prevent users from error click on the link below to a malicious web page has a special treatment. 】

1 cottage Edition “at home”

Horse hung site: hxxp: / / / web / tianqi.htm

2345 Navigation

s website

Horse hung site: hxxp: / /

3, Kun Hing Web Daquan

Horse hung site: hxxp: / / / tianqi.htm

4, and convenience to the station

Horse hung site: hxxp: / / / tianqi.htm

5, the house cool

Horse hung site: hxxp: / / / tianqi.htm

6 weather

Horse hung site: hxxp: / /

7 Weather China

Horse hung site: hxxp: / /

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