IE plug-in can not begin the destruction of WindowsXP

Evening News last few days, Jinshan call center, emergency treatment center has received a large number of users using, saying that after a normal shutdown, re-boot the system Windows XP can not boot properly. After followed by anti-virus engineers found a IE plug-ins caused by the destruction of the instability of the system.

It is reported that the system boot after the Windows XP boot list is to select either start in normal mode or safe, are not normally enter the system, and then automatically restart the machine, such a cycle using the system repair and other measures, can not boot the system. The system can not begin to affect the file “CnsMinKP.sys.”

In fact, it is not required by the Windows system files, but a third-party driver files, file attributes in an information society related to certain Internet. The drivers are usually the lowest in the system, and if a problem is extremely easy to cause system instability. Anti-virus engineer for users: This phenomenon is not a virus behavior, it will not spread. If this problem occurs, do not panic, your system is not completely damaged, repair the system using the following options:

If the existence of a dual system on your computer, log normal system, delete the file% systemroot% system32driversCnsMinKP.sys, if your computer does not double system, please use the following method: 1, “Creating floppies program,” Zhang create emergency disk system 2, then use the emergency boot disk and delete the System folder in the% systemroot% system32driversCnsMinKP.sys following file.

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