IE7 security arrested dozens of cases Rui Xingyun victim gaps

the early morning of December 10, attacks up Internet and defense laboratories to issue alerts user safety: Microsoft IE7 browser displays “0 days” vulnerability can be used to attack horses suspended, attack code has now spread online, but Microsoft has not yet released for lapatch of vulnérabilité.A from December 9, security systems Rui Xingyun were followed more than 30 cases of attacks . In this vulnerability, RISING Antivirus, Rising aid card security have been updated, you can prevent such attacks related to horses.

Rising security experts said the vulnerability of the memory via the Internet Explorer 7 browser, cross-border vulnerability to attack, it not only affects IE7 browser itself, but also the influence of Internet Explorer 7 as browser type base shell, such as travel, Window of the World, Tencent TT autres.Si and you do not have a patch, use the browser on the website will be linked to attacks on horses.

Also, because a lot of software is now integrated into the core IE, such as Office software, Outlook, some online games login screen, which can all be affected by this gap vulnérabilité.Cette in November on a small scale leakage in early December by using domestic piracy, December 8, Rui Xingyun security system began to exploit this vulnerability to interception attack.

According to statistics, a horse related sites intercepted two: and, recording system domain through the investigation that the two horse hung website domain name registration at end of November, and the owner is “Joe Smith III” Dragon “, which makes the name is likely to be spent recording pirate, used to propagate virus.La increase both domains to the blacklist when User access to sites linked to horse safety alerts issued to the user.


Rising “Cloud security” system, the results of statistical analysis based on IE attacks 有 ever-increasing trend in the use of QQ Wang Shang was the group Kaishi, field Luntan otherwise Chushoujiyu this website Loudong My Shengcheng device 相信 short termedans many horses to exploit this vulnerability site.

Rising security experts advise users RISING Antivirus, Rising card security assistant ( has been improved, allowing the user to install the latest version of the upgrade, you can check the use of the vulnerability of the attack Troie.Pendant this time, the major software, such as online games, QQ software, stock, account will be strong Rising automatic protection against horses Trojan to steal hers.

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