IE8 communication will be the last of its basic IE browser?

IE8 will be the most popular browser in the world, the final version of Internet Explorer? Now there are many rumors that Microsoft may take such action, they may develop other motors navigateur.Est is Microsoft still relies on the development of “Gazelle” browser, or turn the WebKit platform, it now appears that IE8 will be many new Pic of IE.

Some people will rejoice, and some people feel désolés.IE not now supports processes large amounts of the bank to the media player interface to many other software, which allows users to use the latest version IE.IE8 means they have to leave the IE ActiveX components and other backward compatibility, there are factors integrated program, some programs may use the IE engine to render content or run caractéristiques.C is a big change, Microsoft may rethink its strategy for the browser.

Of course, this news is that spéculation.Il contains many behind the reasonable conclusion, Microsoft can benefit from the move, but it can be désastreux.Leur browser dominance is an important factor to support proprietary protocols and API, which makes them a good position in some domaines.Si the software giant has abandoned the IE browser, the browser market will be a huge changement.Pensez that Microsoft abandon IE instead of R & D other browser

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