immature ERP product management does not need PLM (1)?

“The harvest during the big ah!” Jiangsu Chun Zhang Qiang, general manager of the two machines for a company to hurry back to find the information office director Chen Xiao Shan and Zhou Hongru.

“What ah way? Boss! “They are almost in unison.


, Zhang Qiang attended the Yellow River School of Business EMBA class of this time an international business by experts in product development dire.Les experts say two days from product R & D, market research, manufacturing resources and R & D, product logistics, the path of capital flows in research and development, life cycle management of products in these areas, it is very bien.Bien the teacher is the server, switch, case solutions, but they are almost Qiang mapped to its own where more than 2 million businesses across the machine.

He felt that international companies have performed well, in addition to technical skills, the most important thing is the product of the ultra-management fine.Beaux more than the general technical data, BOM and design, etc. including the life cycle of any product associated with tous.Le CEO of control things taught completely agree, Xiaoshan Chen, Zhou Hongru They heard foggy.

Hongru Zhou said: “Currently, we produce over production planning and management processes in this section is not, the information in the field of CAD, ERP and customer relationship management are used. You say that the management of products is too large to use this mécanismeest not engage in a separate system? In addition, our activities at the end what is it? “

Xiaoshan Chen said: “Yes ah, what for?”

Zhang Qiang talked long, to the effect that such management products through the mechanism of coordination of resources can be comprehensive, based on customer needs and resources, while the security of supply, management products such as holographic theory traditional Chinese built many unde detailed information on the product order-driven Zhi Hou, monitoring was basically all “basic rules Zidong” Jin Xing Jihua production, the movement and production Guanli Baokuoxiaoshou have rules to follow.


Hongru seems to understand, but according to the views of Zhang Qiang, the expectations of such a product management to transform business operations to the transformation is to fall into the information systems and the ERP end is what kind of relationship? Confused

In addition, the management of the accuracy of the electronics industry and machine tool precision management is not the same, the product management to support good? Zhou Hongru Didigugu let Zhang Qiang, some colère.Zhang Qiang, Chen Xiao Shan and worked for many years and know what is the general manager of push must be pushed down, although some things will abandon mid-chemin.Selon the current situation, things really do down, he hastened to put things right.

“Zhang and your theory of product management is deep, is not we digest digest? You have time to preach and preach in the top-level executives, we are implementing. Hongru side of it? Natural to consider how to integrate the ERP system, or even envisagerreconstruire system. “

“Well, according to the director said Chen, a program ru before Wednesday next week, I just organized discussion. In addition, Chen, course materials you for a copy to everyone tomorrow night, I would direprendre speech. “

“Hongru Ah, do not Bookworm ERP system is that you need to change! Can not coordinate in advance advance is the coordination of product management. This “thing” business processes, that is,. Good Sato Sato, expertsune of comparison, that is, outside the electronics industry, where a similar IBM system management products of Huawei, the efficiency of the whole will have a significant improvement in the overall cost increased from 5 to 10 points, which, for our businesses, very tempting. “


Hongru natural that there is no economic interest, the boss is not very exciting, but in the final product management, how to integrate with ERP? How to rebuild? Program although the project, but must identify some basic principles at the end estQu’est it?


business management

June Lu Mou Benedict is slightly policy management consultant

Most people tend to believe what you see, things more visual, reliability, the strongest performance. If the activities of the process, the dynamic visual display of the operator, the operator will be most effective, the error rate will be lower, to demonstrate to managers, managers supervisory issues are resolved; show customers, clientssatisfaction be increased dramatically.

model Toyota, an important quality of kanban, the kanban production, inventory, Kanban, and a dozen tools to limit, remember or motivate people to work or management activities through the manual under the conditions for the development of management visuelsà extreme, but also the management of Toyota brought great benefits.

However, due to manual under the conditions of the visual management involves a large amount, the lock broken, monotonous work was repeated because of their different cultural backgrounds of employees of other companies is difficult to imitate , also proved this point, outside of Toyota models to Japonmise implementation of all countries have experienced unprecedented resistance.

development of information technologies to solve the bottleneck Tigong favorable conditions for the computing power of a strong information technology and real time information Chuandi and inter-regional Tedian Xing, Shi De system original work of high gongzuo information easily Di complete visual Guan Lipersonnes depend heavily réduite.C is why an automated Kanban has become the trend of operations management company, has been applied companies increasingly.

In fact, in real life a lot of billboards visual basic panel went deep into all corners of the vie.Telles that “Sinotrans – DHL” visual management, customers express parcels sent will receive a shipment tracking number (track number), customers can use e-mail, phone or “Sinotrans – DHL” Express Site on track, monitoring results, the details of the process freight: “Extract the sender department,” “since the operations department” and “leave the transit”, “get transit”, “clearance” other details of the content, but also a detailed account of the time and lieu.Avec these documents, you can press the globe, painting a clear transportation routes.

business processes business or product flow, it can show such a clear and simple for operators, managers do?

The answer is yes, the international leader in the application already in practice, the whole process is as follows: First, Jian Li Gezhongguize Yijibiaozhun Library database, then detailed the process business planning, business process 用 the basis of rules and standard library string together the finaleces processes and associated libraries are curing system information, which is also known as platform systems information entreprises.Dans of daily activities, once the product order-driven, follow-up work are basic “automatic” process in accordance with the relevant rules, standards.

To ensure order and treat a variety of rules and automatically match the details of the need to achieve high standards of gestion.haut level and mainly in two aspects: First, business processes, rules, the library, the library of standard structured, systematic, must do business under the MECE principle designed for feasibility, the second is to ask for the process, rule-based and library standardla current situation must be closely integrated with the company on the one hand, for recognition, on the other hand also operable.

These high standards, the complexity of the task is far beyond the scope of software companies can comprendre.Dans the same time structured and standardized requirements and the company’s own employees Sheji is not possible, this Zhuanjia Bixuyikao gongzuo external force, in particular consulting company management, senior industry experts, business law Jin Xing Hua comb, planning and Zaiconception, visual technology to meet business needs.

the level of technology, as appropriate, the information by the competent authority Hongru Zhou confused that the majority of the software market can not meet the operational needs of visual technology, the existing system or reform, or renewal.

The transformation is based on the original information system made according to the consulting firm view, optimize operational needs of original systems connected in series, SOA is to complete the work of a technical solution the use of technology, PLM PDM, CAD, CAPP, ERP, CRM relevant information is retrieved and displayed on the platform.


information based on the reconstruction of relatively small companies, the integration of information systems is extremely difficult, and time and energy integration, not as a system of direct custom visual activities, in general, the new system architecture tailored system, easy to use, and efficiency are far superior to reform the system.

full range of resources to coordinate

Hou Yang Holding Group E Project Manager

management products through the full range of resources to coordinate the most effective and most efficient way to meet the needs of clients.Par Therefore, product management should include the following:

First, product management; Second, the resources of production and R & D Third, R & D and production management personnel, the fourth, the process of product development and management production, the fifth on the environment productiongestion.

Only these

content management is certainly not the complete management of products enables companies to achieve significant performance requirements amélioré.Par Therefore, the management of commodities is to manage it so that the product development, and production activities to achieve sales and the possibility for companies to achieve efficiency. This capability is part of a business competitive base for the competitiveness of products.

Professor Peking University Zhang Weiying characteristics of core competence is defined as “not to steal, not buy, do not split, you can not go ahead.” Only courses Mian described in these factors of production, some relationship model combined into a single system, and “emerging” elements of a Ge Ge Dou Bu with “Te Zhi”, the competitors of Caijuyouliao imitate capabilities Bu Neng base.

These performance characteristics of products for companies in research and development and production processes more efficient, and unsurpassed quality, and makes the product of considerable personality, able to “adapt” to the unique needs a client group particulier.Cela creates unique business benefits concurrentiels.Nous we refer to this trait as the product of “the company organizational skills.”

“Competence” has been applied to the concept individuelle.Une born person can do something and make 10,000 people are good, is “this talented person.” That the Director of Gallup Xiaoguang Fang, general of China : a man advantage of talents, skills and knowledge to build its competence base.La competence is defined as a person “in general, and can produce effective thinking, feeling and behavior,” the center Gallup defines talent “go.”

may produce benefits, “cross” patterns of behavior are talent.Le notable success is the key to your talents and work égaler.Est do work skills, as well as the necessary work of “crossing” the thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

On this basis, can be relatively easy to get out of the organization of business skills “concept.” Organizational Skills “just belong to the organization, not part of the company within a person, institution or other facteurs.Comme talents of a person change his brain cells to change organizations has also left many people will not replace equipment or changes in the external environment led to dramatic changes in skills organisationnelles.Bien course management “Pattern Language” in view of the scale of this organization is to improve and evolution may be conscious, but at a higher level through ” organizational self-image “of the corporate culture of” technology “for ajuster.Ce talent” is the nature of a business, such as quality, attract more customers to find solutions to similar problems, such as positive feedback process will accelerate the formation of competence of the organization, maintenance, development, évolution.Une Once a company to enter into such a positive feedback loop on the product with a strong competitive advantage, and first mover advantage, then that is difficult to imitate and overtake.

To survive, every company must be able to meet the needs of their particular clientèle.La diversification of customer needs and business “organizational skills” the contradiction between professional products business by means of the “theme” to overcome. “Theme” is the banner for clients identify, inform your customers that your sense of organization “What is the theme of the banner and the surface described as a” logo “to attract clients with such problems, the exclusion does pasces problems for clients.Cela allow companies to only a certain group of products in the long term domaine.À in this area for development and production, an understanding will very in this area can be very skilled application knowledge in this field, the internal production of “process” is designed to produce products to solve problems clients.Cela will not only ensure good product quality, and effective to improve the efficiency of product development and production.

In fact, the management of products is based on the ERP implementation management products for transporteur.La most detailed information related integrated, global resource coordination, allowing work to be done systematically by rules to meet the needs of clients.

Product Management is the whole process of collaboration

Beijing Li Jie Lin and CEO of Information Technology Co., Ltd.


around the life cycle of the product of all the activities, products, management should be the scientific management of these activities, that is, the product lifecycle (PLM) PLM management products for enterprises as the core, to facilitate the various functions within the entrepriseministères and with customers, suppliers, product data share between the basic concept through system Qiyexinxi Wangluo, carried out during the Gainian product design, engineering, manufacturing Fuwuzhichi Dao Deng Sheng Quan Sheng Ming Chan products Zhouqigege Xiediaogongzuo links.

He broke the product designers and manufacturing personnel, sales staff and good communication between the end user product-technical barriers, with a strong network of collaboration tools provided by qualified personnel to create greater cooperation and coordination of thought and shorten the conceptioncycle to optimize the manufacturing process, reduce production costs, so that the maximum capacity of companies to promote product innovation.

case “once the product order-driven, follow-up work are basic” automatic “in accordance with the rules, production planning, production management, including sales operations, etc. have rules to follow. “Idéalisée.Concepts and software functions is the goal, the implementation process is mutation.fabricant particular machine tool, the structure of the complex product, a typical discrete manufacturing enterprise, the evolution of market, changing customer needs, design and industrial evolution, changes in production processes, changes in procurement of materials, suppliers, changes, etc., all affect etinterférer with the process, if the non-intervention and resolution of these changes, the process will interrompu.Par Therefore, programs and plans should not pin their hopes on “automatic” take into account all the changes and emergency measures.

For a company to carry out the management of the life cycle of products is a gradual process of gradual improvement encore.La company has implemented CAD, ERP software, customer relationship management, already shows a good base do not need to introduce another system, but new goals, technology integration of new technologies gradually improve the platform formeet application in depth.

management of the life cycle of the product is a matter of scale process engineering complex collaborative product commerce (CPC Collaborative Product Commerce) is an effective way of his réalisation.CPC is a modern design manufacturing, production areas and production management with the latest technology as an integrated business model, the product, process and digital literacy and provide comprehensive data sharing mechanism.

firm internationally renowned consultancy Aberdeen Group believes CPC is a group of software and services that uses Internet technology, everyone Shi involved in the life cycle of the product, Hu Xiang synergistic product development , manufacturing and management, regardless of the process personneldans marketing training and the role of a bell, the kind of tools and in what position.

Please continue to focus on product management, ERP immature do not need PLM (2)

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