IMPACT 2013: IBM makes mobility priority n ° 1 business

On the occasion of its IMPACT 2013 conference, IBM has shown business the extent of its platform CloudFirst in bringing mobility to the heart of BPM and ODM solutions by unveiling new services and development tools.

Mobility must be priority No. 1 business, have stopped pounding IBM teams during the 2013 the IMPACT Conference which is held the week last in Las Vegas. Big Blue gave an axis mobility to its strategy, placing its MobileFirst programme, initiated in February, at the heart of his message for businesses.

MobileFirst aims to propose a set of technologies and services (cloud or not) intended to cover the steps of a strategy related to mobility end to end. The development of applications in the management of terminals, through the management of the life cycle of applications than the provisioning. But also basing more depth of mobility at the heart of the IBM middleware products.

“MobileFirst is not just a case of smartphone, but we believe that mobility is the best way to ‘engage’ with clients,” said Marie Wriek, CEO at IBM WebSphere.

During the IMPACT 2012 edition, IBM had unveiled a piece of its strategy with Mobile Foundation, a platform for the development, maintenance, integration back-end as well as the management and administration of mobile parks. A platform that compiles the development of Worklight with EndPoint Manager tools for Mobile Devices (including based Bigfix technology, another company acquired by IBM). Finally, part integration to back-end business was managed by Cast iron. A way so to digest acquisitions of Big Blue in mobility. IBM claims 10 acquisitions in this area in four years. Last date, that of UrbanCode, a company specialized in automation and distribution of applications that Big Blue has logically positioned on mobility (and Big Data).

BPM and ODM doped mobility

The time is therefore to the formalization of a platform, while mobility, but also the M2M and the Internet of things – other components of the strategy IBM’s MobileFirst – become the key issues for the business. According to IDC, the market for mobile infrastructure to business services and applications reached 14.5 billion in 2012. But, above all, it should $ 30.9 billion in 2016.

With this observation, IBM drew appliance MessageSight, the first appliance to integrate the MQTT Protocol and whose vocation is to provide companies a quick solution to manage and orchestrate the data generated by the trendy connected objects. This appliance was presented to IMPACT 2013.

But that is not all. At its strategy to include mobility in the heart of the business processes, IBM announced during this same conference have expanded the scope of IBM Business Process Management (BPM) and of IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) to MobileFirst. The idea is to allow companies, not only ‘ infuse’ their business processes and tools for decision-making in mobile terminals. But also to involve the specificities of these same terminals, such as geo-location, taking pictures or the notification system says IBM.

Also announced version 6 of Worklight to IMPACT 2013. This version, we explained Marie Wriek, was thus grafted analytical functions that enable developers to insert control points in their applications to determine uses navigational and time manipulation, for example. IBM is also a new system of tasks. Another addition, functions of testing mobile applications.

New services have also been added to better manage the battery as well as bandwidth consumption. IBM also puts forward a new geo-location services toolkit, which allows to manipulate the GPS data, and insert them into business processes.

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