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Instagram updates its web interface launched in November last year. Previously users had the application on a PC or Tablet could not navigate the same way as on a mobile device.

Recall that before, let alone web application trademarks favorite photos and comment on them, in addition to a profile from which they could track the users whose photos were interesting to be able to continue, but now, the Web service enables the social network login, see updates from contacts and interact with your images, browse through the latest photos of people you follow, participate in online reviews, consult the pages of the latest images and reduce the browser to a single column that is closest to the mobile application.

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allow that, the only difference with the mobile app is that you can upload photos, because the service was thought Instagram app for iOS and Android not for desktops or tablets. If these latter have been possible would have benefited BlackBerry users and Windows Phone.

The action taken by the social network is to facilitate access to the application from your web service so that users can do almost everything you do in your mobile application. The good news for fans of the photo-sharing platform, reached by working engineers and designers of the company. In this regard, Kevin Systrom, Instagram co-founder, said that the purpose of the people who worked on the project is to provide web service users an experience similar to having mobile phones.

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The new change, you find that Instagram is available in all kinds of devices. And as the desktop platform is designed from the program’s launch in 2010 photo. The Instagram community is growing and with the new update of its web interface is expected to provide the greatest possible access to users. If you do not have this application you can access the official website to download Instagram.

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