Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

Users who have Windows 7, you will now have Internet Explorer 10 . Previously the new Microsoft browser was only available for computers running Windows 8 and had a preview release of the upgrade to Window 7.

But now, users now can download the release version and for more than 700 million users with Internet Explorer 9 – which also had a preview, the update will start automatically. To proceed with the upgrade of Windows 7, users will receive notifications in the coming weeks.

If fans have problems with updating or speed, Microsoft plans to make adjustments to detect the browser. According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer 10 would be 20% faster than the other versions, will have “Do Not Track” which provides greater security and privacy of users, and has a 60% increase of the brackets to support modern web standards .

The CEO of Microsoft, said it was not much difference between the Internet Explorer browser 10 and above. Also, he said he saw that users find any drawbacks to not proceed with the upgrade of the new browser.

What has most surprised of all this, is that the advertising campaign launched by the multinational company, shows the new update will touch. All clues point to that. See here the video advertising.

Source: TechCrunch.

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