Inventory of the browser market in 2006: Firefox 成最大赢家

Released in October, under the impulse of 2.0, a market share of free browsers Firefox in 2006, the growth rate of almost 50%.

According to statistics

Internet company in Aliso Viejo California data, open-source browser by the end of 2006, the market share of 14%, compared to 9.6% at the beginning of last year improved by 46%.

While Microsoft has also released a new version of last year, IE7, but this has not prevented the company in 2006 to become the largest market perdants.part IE 85.1% since the beginning of last year fell to 79.6% at the end.

Apple Safari Mac to catch a hot wind is also the market share of 3.1% in 2006 at the beginning of the end of 4.2%. Safari is the only platform to run Mac OS X browser.

Opera and Nintendo in the game signing of the agreement to bind the navigation software, the share of the company increased from 0.6% to 0.9%.

unit is AOL Netscape IE companions in misfortune, this browser share early last year, there are 1.24%, but at the end of the year was down 0.9%.

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