iPhone software can more than 100,000 more concerned about social software

12 u. S. Apple announced a week ago since the release iPhone software development kit, has more than 100,000 developers downloaded the kit, means the iPhone may have 100,000 new procedures.

Kit download over 100 000

With this kit, a software developed by third party software developers through the approval from Apple, you can install the iPhone.

This may mean that in June this year, Apple released version 2.0 of the iPhone software, perhaps already 100,000 new procedures for the iPhone.

U. S. Forest, senior research analyst Charlene Li said: “The iPhone is a platform for developing well, can be a wide range of development.” In his view, exclude size Display of speed limits and iPhone an Internet connection, “the current (iphone development) has one major obstacle to creativity and imagination. “

Society Development of mobile software development DateBk Pimlico Software also has concerns about the direction iPhone.Chef 斯图尔特迪尤 Hill said many people asked if he would release the iPhone software development DateBk, “The concern that the issue of potential competitors who may investigate our future strategy, we can not disclose information.”


Dewar also admitted that iPhone “is clearly a very interesting,” he also download iPhone SDK. “Is DateBk6 iPhone application focused on the platform is not an easy task, “said Dewar, but he has not ruled out the possibility of doing so.

Chat, Games, Software, the potential existence

company, Apple has released a software development kit also announced the same day, the company has developed in two weeks for the iPhone, the AIM instant messaging Software.Dans this situation, in June this year, more of instant messaging software and other software iPhone.

蒂姆巴加林 market analyst, said: “Many people now have the SDK of iPhone software development, they can develop their own instant messaging software.” Forrester Research analyst ChrisSilva said: “This communications software is now that most people want to be able to install on the iPhone.”

In addition, the iPhone will also play an important part on the interest of users, especially since the iPhone is installed on the sismographe.Charlene Li, said: “The iPhone is the potential mobile games, users can play online with other users, taking advantage of seismometers, but also understand the other side of the phone is tilted, or reverse roll. “

Bajarin said, the iPhone comes out, people just use it as a new smart phone, in fact, the potential of the iPhone is much more than that. “Apple has released a software development kit, which show the iPhone is not just a cell phone so simple, in fact it has evolved into a Pocket PC. “

most concerned about social software

pass Apple has shown that other companies will share the iPhone with the commercial market, and have been identified in iPhone2.0 software version by adding Microsoft software ExchangeActiveSync.Avec synchronization software smartphone ExchangeActiveSync wirelessly with your computer, get the latest e-mail, calendar data, tasks and contacts.

Charlene Li pointed out, most iPhone users want to be able to join the social networking software, including the provision of “routine consultations” cell phone software. “For example, the purchase of software, are not currently developing software for mobile phones such, she said.

“When people go shopping, they often call your friends and ask what the elections, this kind of products,” said Charlene Li, “they will use images of cell phone photo of goods, and then passes to friends via MMS. “

His outlook

iPhone new software should not only be able to accomplish this task, it should iPhone users problems and goods through a network platform to send pictures to a group of friends, “or search for friends through video case goods, and directly by the voixpoint view. “

Thus, the development of new iPhone software also includes Flash video software, the iPhone currently does not support this logiciel.Marché 蒂姆巴加林 analysts said: “Adobe Flash is a very important product. (Apple CEO) Steve Jobs said he thought the full version of Flash can not run on the iPhone. “

“In addition, he felt that current mobile devices using FlashLite case for the iPhone platform is too small, so he suggested Adobe to create a new version of Flash for the iPhone software.”

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