It keeps track of your ads and campaigns on Facebook Pages

A good news for Facebook Page administrators, please note that it is putting a new feature function that will enable information display and track ads and campaigns are doing in the social platform.

Make tracking these statistics only if you have to move the mouse on your ad or campaign and quickly display a window that will information, such as how many people were interested in the ad. Data can be daily or weekly.

As is known, the new feature that is being tested in the fanspage be implemented over time to all accounts. But in case you want to check if you have it, you commented that this new widget is on top of the news source and indicates which events are active.

Although the information provided by some people is very limited, as is the case with Loomer, consider that the new feature is particularly interesting because it is a totally different implementation usually is usually done on the social network Facebook.

The people in charge

Share this news was the social networking expert, Jon Loomer, who on Tuesday became aware of the new feature on its Facebook account and was encouraged to take a snapshot of the computer to make more credible the news.

new well is expected to be incorporated more frequently in Facebook.

Source: AllFacebook

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