Kaspersky personal and enterprise Sarkozy won “Product of the Year ‘title

In the field of information security, few people did not Kaspersky.

Kaspersky is four upscale world security solutions provider, which was a solid R & D strength and excellent performance products industry renowned internationale.Presque annually to make level version of the product, the annual number of patent applications based on new technologies, if the R & D and application of new technologies, the speed, there are no companies can match with Kaspersky.L Using cloud technology to control technology applications, the third generation of the active defense technology, virtual technology, and enterprise-class protection smart phone, Kaspersky always walk in the forefront technological innovation.

Recently, Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and Kaspersky Open Space Security solution, both issued by the IT media heavy PCWorld award “Product of the Year Award.” stand-alone version of Kaspersky and enterprise-class products Qi Abstract title, can be regarded as the Chinese market and users of Kaspersky approved again.

Kaspersky Internet Security Software is the July 2010 landing of this new Chinese market, in addition to anti-virus capabilities are higher, features climbing fast, it is also the first time the use of technology to create virtual a new security environment, to help users improve resistance to new viruses and suspicious procedures, and security filtering capabilities such as Web applications, so that the next few months will be sold by media as “the year a popular anti-virus software, the vanguard of the highest rates.”

Kaspersky Open Space Security solution designed for enterprise customers, whether the structure of the core network, or a complex network of institutions for which the network can be based on state agencies respective to provide a variety of programs conservation.En particular strength is not strong for technology SMEs, Kaspersky Open Space Security solution for business is probably the first choix.Il is reported as saying, Kaspersky come more powerful enterprise-class products, you may wish to wait and see.

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