Keys for managing HDDs

The breaks or disadvantages in hard drives but are sometimes unavoidable (wear, electrical problems), sometimes can be prevented simply must be careful, meticulous and cautious.

How to care for your hard drive?

Hardware : Focusing on the power supply, which is of quality, should not skimping on sources that we do not guarantee economic stability.

Box : on the hard disk is properly secured and will be sure to have good position and cooling. At this point it is clear that if two disks installed together in the same box, be careful that they are not too close together and use an extra ventilation equipment, to prevent overheating.

Shock : Avoid hitting the box and sudden movements, especially when the computer is working. Ideally, the box locks in a safe place, out of the way and needing movements, always turn off the computer.

Using a UPS is in any case a very good option.

How diagnose common problems:

When a hard drive has a hardware fault can hear a continuous clunk, from within, the cause may be a failure in the reader’s head and the platter surface.

If what you hear is a kind of fast and followed tac tac, this may be due to the route that heads when they read the clues from the outside in, on the surface of the dishes.

BIOS Error Message : At this point it might be appropriate to format the disk. If it is damaged physically needs to be replaced immediately.

The electronic circuit has been in short : If you smell something burning, can be a cause of the flat cable inverted signal. Solution: place the cables properly or change the hard disk controller card.

Problems loading the operating system : If at power not to load the operating system and perform re beginnings followed, an error message appears when loading the operating system. Cause: One of the boot sectors of the hard disk is damaged, which does not allow the process to complete the system startup. Solution: Perform a general analysis of the hard disk with software to repair bad sectors.

Virus : The hard disk can fail for a computer virus entry.

Summarizing : Factors such as home re frequent computer overheating due to lack of ventilation, vibration table or desk, wrong operating system installation, faulty power supply, are the most common causes that generate faults and broken hard drives.

Should you require the recovery of data on a failed hard drive, there are data recovery companies (cd, tape recovery, data servers, RAID systems) , it is better to use professional before attempting to retrieve data on our own , could cause a very serious loss of information. That is why the subject of data protection should take preventive measures to care for our hard disk and possible cases of data loss remain calm and resort to expert hands.

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