Leaked pictures of the alleged smartphone Samsung Galaxy SIV

Just two days after the presentation of the new Galaxy S IV, have come to light unpublished photos of course team launch this week the company Samsung. The images are not official, as the one that shows the company is in its official Twitter account , where you can appreciate just as in the device.Samsung_Galaxy-S-IV1

The images of the Galaxy S IV would be hung on a Chinese website . In fact the device comes in there, coincides with many features announced by the South Korean company. But just as the pictures were leaked, has also begun to circulate in a video network of Galaxy S IV. To view it follow the link here .

To launch new Smartphone, Samsung has carried out an advertising campaign that features two videos. In this way the company creates more expectations among the public. In the first of the videos you see a man who uses the phone but saves immediately before meeting with Jeremy, the secret message of the company, who is presented with the Samsung Galaxy S IV in a white box and only it’s who can see it. We leave you with the first part of the video and if you want to see the second part then enter here .

According to the company multinacinal, the new smartphone would have a high resolution screen of 5 inches, a much faster processor than the Galaxy S III, a 13 megapixel camera and the latest Android operating system. That is why the Galaxy S IV caused such a stir in the world of technology is that the public looks forward to many its release.

The presentation of the new mobile phone will be held on Thursday 14 March at a press conference. The company has already launched the invitations for the event that will take place in New York, specifically, in the famous Radio City Music Hall Rockefeller Center City.

Source: Business Insider.

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