Leave a memory easily record QQ / MSN Video Chat

QQ / MSN has a video chat feature that allows you free from every nook and friends, video chat, see the other image, the other about the current situation. Is this a good way of communication.

However, QQ / MSN Video Most games are in real time, if it is registered, registration future slowly enjoy this video. This will undoubtedly leave a good memory. Recently, I used a small video recorder called QQ software, easy to implement these functions. Also searched a number of possible functions.

Software Installation is very simple, traditional step by step, careful to choose the path specified location. After installing your desktop icon automatically generates QQ video recorder.

Open the desktop icon automatically generated, you can access the interface QQ video recorder, interface style similar to Windows Media Center (Figure 2). Option is very simple to install and set the right mouse button to select.

provide a “full screen”, “window designated” designated area “and other parameters. Can also set hotkeys to your liking. Check the sound recording (Figure 3) Optionally, you can also record voice chat voice message.

configuration software is very easy to install according to their preferences after. Start the software such as QQ or MSN, and video chat with friends after launch. Click predefined shortcut key (Start the default recording / pause button for the F6, F7 stop) to start recording, the recording is done automatically. (Figure 4)

recording is finished, press Stop hotkey (default F7) or press and hold the stop button on the main interface automatically displays the backup option.

QQ video can not only record video, but also in the local display mode, as the screen recording tools, options mode “screen” as the main interface, select the key shortcut or button to save the operation.

You can record video chats, but also act as a screen recording tool. After the test, not only support QQ / MSN, for UC, Netease bubble, Yahoo Messenger and video files, but also for support. It must be said, is a burning software very useful multi-function. It is really worth using.

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