Letter to the sender of the spam

sender Junk E-mail:

I am a victim of spam. hundreds of messages every day, 99% of which are spam. I do not know you, you bother me every day, the curse have not heard, they are unable to play, write a letter, and what you communicate.

be hated
Chinese e-mail receives an annual total of $ 50 billion. According to the China Association of Internet on March 22 released the survey data, in which the ratio of spam to 64%. According to China Taiwan region “foundation” on March 23 data, consumers of the island receives an average of 100 emails per day. In addition, the U.S. consulting firm iResearch data January 16, the average American has received 251 spam messages per week, up 31% compared to the previous year.

According to the China Association of the Internet on March 22 released the survey data, 90% of the Chinese population need to devote at least 10 minutes a day dealing with spam, others spend more time each year to the community caused by the loss of six billion yuan.

people on Earth hate you absolutely hate!

Do not you think that spam is not the rule of law.

MSN, Gmail, AOL and other major stations international action anti-spam e-mail already taken. February 21 Ministry of Information Industry reported opening of the center, two thousand times a month to receive the report. March 22 reporting center announced spam blacklist. March 1, 263, Sina, and a hundred domestic postal operators announced a joint establishment of a platform for unified management, a common blacklist to block the IP of the server. Again, March 30, the state promulgated the “management practices Internet E-mail” enter into force, offenders will be fined 30,000 yuan. There, Outlook, Foxmail mail program terminals and other key anti-spam features are enhanced.

Do you think that healing can not refuse. According to AOL, in 2005, 500 billion spam filters, mail users receive 75% of the total has declined. The Ghosts have learned Foxmail Bayesian filtering, every day more than 500 mails pass through the net less than 10. Australia through industry governance mails to disappear. 2005, Canada issued a share of the total volume of spam spam has increased by 7% in 2004, dropped to 2.5%.

In addition, awareness of the protection of recipients has also been strengthened. According to data from the Internet Society of China, 70% of victims were not spam, delete it. The proportion of open reading fell by 7% compared to the previous year.

industry mass mailing 忽悠 certainly you: “By email blast a few seconds to promote your business letters and ads to millions of customers to send e-mail box, simply open the e-mail the other side see the letters of your business may affect your advertising spend tens of millions of comparable advertising funds, send millions of e-mail only costs 150 yuan. “

The truth is that the spam filter is the first e-mail operators strongly about, then e-mail program to a serious back screen, the user, without even looking directly delete a group, look at the last recipient to open, and can not 12, but you have to pay 150 yuan. UUOK was the most massive fire, the industry, and now is the house located on the circular banning spam IBD, which closed its doors. UUOK be conscientious, have not the heart to cheat money, eyes open.

“The master when recruiting people hate the bad reputation to suffer a fine, because your reward.

In fact, to be fair, you are also not necessarily a bad man, like us, have to toil all day to feed their families. The pour point tickets spam to promote the point of website eye-candy, breast Po will not conduct capital offense aphrodisiac.

Tell the truth. Despite technological advances, government repression, the situation should change, but also solves the spam directly. We are in the same blue sky, you Daoshi makes money, we are tired of spam every day, your heart drop tolerance? For us, please add a bit of rubbish, “technical content” as well.

For example, can receive mail from a BMW car pumping activities? If BMW is too expensive, with the point of beauties spam, a joke, to the knowledge of the health care segment is required. If it is not easy to get in Riga spam auspicious, see also in the heart Lishu Tan.

Points bar. Maybe you shoot, you unhappy, you good and evil once content “technical” spam is also a human stories.

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