LinkedIn close its answers service

The social site for professionals and business oriented, LikendIn , announced the closing of its answering service due to the low demand of users accessing. Previously the forum was in constant activity and team members of the network had to invest a lot of time to maintain the service as many users had access to this, but few people now entering the forum. That being the case, has decided to close LindkedIn line in late January this year.

The news of the closure came to users via email, where it was stated that the closing will take place January 31 2013 . In the message, adding that they are working on the creation of new spaces to share and discuss professional issues, since it is becoming more common in the spam section.


This measure leaves the user with no specific place to exchange tips, doubts and questions, they are providing alternatives. So they can reach them through their status updates, groups or surveys. With this new idea, the website seeks to integrate more members and generate discussions are productive and do not really like those carried out previously. If you do not want any of these options then you can make use of communities as Google+ or Quora.

Closing section may discourage some users – provided they have frequently used section – and be a barrier for those who thought integrated. Recall that in the forum, both members of the same company as other users could answer questions on the forum. The answers had a review and the person making a good response in May had relevance in future responses.

As taking LinkedIn is similar to Facebook announced a few days ago to close their space questions. A few days after the news of the first social network, professional network did the same.

Recall that the answering service has been operating since 2007 and made possible the interaction between users. And in the last two months the company has grown, and that 40 million accounts were opened and currently has 200 million followers in 200 countries and 19 different languages. It is expected that the measure is not considered a restriction for new users to the network that has been operating since May 2003.

Source: Mashable

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