Log in automatically in Windows 7

Already from previous versions of Windows you knew it, that you could log in automatically to a computer, without entering a password to be.

Just a re-installation of Windows 7 you can quickly the point with the automatic user login overlooked. But also, who are in the installation of Windows 7 has decided, no automatic User Login to select, the can in the event the nature of the application to automatically switch again already.

However, it is not without a little effort. First you must call the Run window.

Tossed it two ways:

The first path leads from the Start menu, then click on all programs and then click Accessories.

The second way is much faster. Pressing the windows key and the R key simultaneously. Now the Run window is displayed.

In the open field of the window there is now the following:

Control userpasswords2

Of course, you can also copy and paste the highlighted in red text in the corresponding box insert. In the port opens now the User Accounts window.

Right in the upper third of the window, there is a small box with a check mark in it. The box is labeled as follows: user name and password must be entered

From this box you must now remove the check mark. In the following man takes over the whole thing with the OK button.

In the subsequent window you will now be prompted a corresponding username and a password. Here you should enter the username, the man also usually used to log in to the system. Also the password should be the same, as it were for the INCRUSTED account also applies.

It was also nice! If the computer restarts, then the next time it will be automatically started with the specified user account.

Even a note!

If you are traveling to the computer is working, then provides this kind of automatic user login certainly not a big security risk. However, if you get with several people and several user accounts, a computer does, then this type of automatic user login a security risk. Therefore, you should consider for himself, whether this type of user login also makes sense.

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