Mahinda Rajapaksa – New Sri Lanka

Restart Sri Lanka after the end of 30 years war. Please visit to for more. When Prabhakaran and his LTTE terrorists genocide innocent Sri Lankans, automatically due to the need of the time, brave leaders and men came to front and fight with terrors and after a serious process they gave victory and peace to motherland. I see this kind of event in windows. Due to Windows error or virus attack if Windows fallen, it automatically reboot and repair itself. So this is a combination of both of the events. There is a huge story in this video. Please watch this video carefully. All are talking about “New Sri Lanka”. As a computer nerd, I can present that in this way. We must do these things to achieve a new Sri Lanka. 1. INCREASE THE PERFORMANCE of public Administration. 2. DELETE the unnecessary NGOs and INGOs. 3. BACKUP our memories about the brutality of the terrorism 4. FORMAT the corrupted organizations. 5. UPGRADE the infrastructure. 6. RECOVER and RESTORE the damages that happened due to war, physically and psychologically. 7. SHARE the responsibility for develop the nation. 8. FIREWALL the nation from external threats. 9. PERMANENTLY DELETE the underworld (pending) 10. SCAN the activities of all important organizations. 11. SEARCH and RESTRICT the fraud and bribes. 12. QUARANTINE the dangerous people. 13. UPDATE the operating procedure of the government Are there any?

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