Making a social media strategy to launch any product to market

Social media have become a central element in the marketing strategy when you think of launching products or services. More and more people are turning to social platforms for new product information and the views that others are posting through comments.

social networks, brands have the opportunity to go directly to their audiences and generate participation, its immediacy and ability viralizar great messages of these platforms makes the best venues to introduce any products easily and at lower cost . In Webespacio we suggest some basic steps to consider in your social media strategy that works for any product launch.

7 steps to launch a new product through social media

Before launching

1. Evaluate your brand participation in social networks

How is your brand on social networks? The launch of a new product will work best if your company has an active community of followers on social platforms in which it operates. So that as a first step you have to evaluate how you are using social networks to interact with the public. Analyzes the participation of your brand and make sure you are updating and creating conversations with followers, and it is these activities that will give support to your future actions.

2. Plan the use of social platforms

Weapon, a release plan that is clear and realistic. Initially defines who your target audience and what are the most used social platforms, how they behave and what is working best. Set goals and objectives according to each platform, given what you know about your audience and what you can improve. Your social media strategy should be in harmony with your traditional marketing plan and support of the mainstream media since the beginning.

3. Generate excitement about the new product

During the pre-launch, start moving your social networking sites to create buzz about the upcoming release. Share status updates anticipating your followers and fans that something new is coming, intensifying the tone as the date approaches. These actions will allow your audience to become familiar with the new product.

During the launch

4. Use a testing strategy

At this point the road you can rely on your most active supporters, for them releasing more details and even advances or new product testing. They can be your best allies to spread the word and maintain a high commitment to events that then develop. Your most loyal followers are more likely to comment and spread the news through word of mouth.

Invite them to be the first to try the product or service is a form of reward. You can offer special deals, exclusive discounts, additional content and even free products.

5. Create quality content

Do not just use plain text only to promote your new product, remember that social networks are highly interactive and visual. So use the full potential of these tools to capture the attention of your audience. There are many ways to say the same, for example, instead of saying simply in a status update “Meet our new product”, you can create a useful or fun video that your followers even want to share with your friends and can become viral . Think creatively and make quality content that captivate users online.

6. Encourages participation and offers rewards

What better way to engage new and old fans with a new product that organizing competitions, this is one of the most used methods. You can perform actions crossed with traditional media, but it is recommended to create exclusive contests for your social networks, rewarding participation in these platforms. You can also run sweepstakes and offer deals and discounts.

After the release

7. Measure the results

Actually this is an activity that is required continuously throughout the course of your campaign launch, however, when the period of introduction of the new product is recommended that you take stock of the impact of your efforts have generated in social media. Analyze what messages had better reception and what not, so you can rescue your best strategies to optimize the use of these futuro.Puedes 12 tools to track mentions of your brand on social networks.


What social platforms used to launch a new product?

consider all social media tools where your audience is present. Ideally, you already have an active presence in them, but can also be a good time to start where your brand was not yet. The most popular social platforms when preparing a social media strategy are Facebook and Twitter, but you can also use YouTube, a blog or website, and other new platforms. Just remember that each has a different dynamic, so adjustments require your strategy to its particular characteristics to get the most out.


A Facebook page is one of the easiest ways to start your social media strategy. Create a page for your new product and take every Biography design new features to promote your brand. Create incentives to acquire new fans for your page, you can organize contests and sweepstakes. In addition, buying Facebook ads to help drive traffic to your site.

To promote his new book “Enchantment”, Guy Kawasaki, renowned marketing specialist, created a single page with an attractive design and professional, and to win new fans offered to give his first book “The McIntosh Way” to which join.


paltaforma real-time information can also be used to promote a new product. For example, Sony Electronics prepared for the launch of its Tablet S a contest asking his Twitter followers a photo taken with the new product and tweet the photo with the hashtag # CatchTheTablet. A four tablet daily bypassed by all and well received around 1,700 tweets with the hashtag campaign.

Twitter is also an effective tool to generate feedback, so you can use this network as a platform for customer service. Follow the pulse of public reactions to the launch, and support for queries, create a hashtag for your campaign and generate conversations. Besides all the information you gather will help you improve your product.


Any complex product? Then create video tutorials can be a good idea, you can make tutorials and clips that demonstrate the potential it offers. If you do short, quick and fun can even become viral. You’ll have to share your videos on other social platforms

website and blog

The format and terms and conditions of use, social networks may have some limitations to share with the public all the information and content you want. So still a good option to build a website or blog for the campaign, where you can centralize all your online marketing efforts.

Other media

Complete your actions in social networks with sending mass emails, telling them about your new product and inviting them to join your online communities. You can also place an ad campaign with Google AdWords.

Advice and tips:

    • See how other brands are using social media to launch your product, a competitive analysis can be a good benchmark to see what works and what actions are not going well.



    • queries always answer your followers and fans, this will show that your brand they are important and that you listen and you will become a strong and loyal community.


  • Coordinate your marketing strategies offline and online, using the various cross-promotional channels. Your messages across all media must be consistent with the main strategy.



Include social networking strategy for a new product launch is no longer just an option to complement other traditional promotion for brands social media must be a component to pay attention. But these platforms require working with their own language and create exclusive content, prioritizing customer interaction.

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