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storage management software is the software company and the country with dozens of storage and transport company closely to develop the storage and inland transportation for the operation and future development requirements of the industry, software type gestion.Le application software is not only industry standard storage and transportation management processes and operational standards to ensure the storage and transportation business operations normative, but also retains the flexibility management, with unique and practical.

focus of software practice, simple, complete system warehouse management as the basic module, the module separate account management module and remote access, and give full play to computer performance and storage software other than the current, more complete, more content concret.Il uses the latest technology to ensure the security of data accuracy.

The software also allows

office business manager, business, finance, billing service (Jiesuanzhongxin), etc. The computers used in the organic link together and form a company intranet can not only facilitate the achievement of different operating positions and sharing information. therefore the network as a service station, customers can achieve through the Internet in the dynamic query time réel.La company has not only eliminated a large number of expenses of additional labor, but also improve levels of customer service.

Given the characteristics of the business of each company is incompatible, the software can be provided for the development needs of secondary users.

storage management information system software consists of three modules

1, the warehouse management module

storage system management and key transport companies all material goods flux.Cette document management and statistical reports to achieve.

The design is based on a variety of materials for the model of traditional business processes and the integration of domestic enterprises more than a dozen warehouse business processes to fully meet the needs of different customers

Documents: reception, storage, library, transfer, transfer database, returns, out of the treatment area, transfer, adjustment, manipulation of a single warehouse receipts.

Strong statistical surveys: reception hours, storage scheduling, delivery time, transfer list, returns the list, statement of changes in freight, cargo summary of the change table traffic units filing products, jobs of secretary pointageliste volumes, the clerk pointing workload matrix, timing-term warehouse, tank and other types of material handling report inventory.

inventory management of client assets, goods, cargo space in three aspects.Détails for client units can be departments, product specifications, models, materials, origin and cargo three storage areas: library number, area code, number of bits.

In addition, set the “Search” function. personnel may enter one or more terms to find data and information provided requises.Une will not only know, but can not find the desired data or the Information.

Second, the account management module

key management systems and various materials related to the financial situation of movement of goods include: automatic invoicing, cost management contracts, receivables management, generation of customers and accounts of the recovery unit statistics, company accounts, all outstanding debts View Managementgestion costs and operating personnel. Billing Inquiries clients customers generate business for some hours or minutes.

Third, module remote access

1, can be divided into remote and LAN applications Web Query

Remote Web Query: use the Internet to provide business information in real time the dynamic query;
LAN research: mainly for the steel market “store in the library before ‘business approach “to the design.
Storage or business can use the home market host-based compensation provision of business information in real time the dynamic query.
Can query: survey goods inventory balance, receiving schedules, inspection schedules warehousing, shipping schedules, transfer
list Back to list states, the changes produced detailed summary declarations and other movements of goods.
2 open for registered users online promotion zones: Each registered user can request a complete release of information and business
page image to help companies increase their influence on the marché.Parmi them, the warehouse management system is the core module, storage management is the modern logistics industry in the most critical link.

Storage management information system principles design software:

1, comprehensive coverage of enterprise storage and transportation of goods in the process of circulation in the warehouse
2 to document methods for the implementation of commercial operations, the notion of clarity, seamless connectivity with actual activities
3 management software type, locking cases, effective control rights, the audit system
4, convenient, fast, a friendly operation and check
5, full support for code management single
6, a powerful and flexible information base and coding
7, a robust and comprehensive reporting

storage management information system software consists of three main

Firstly, improve internal management, reduce error rates, improve brand image.

1. Computer operation Enterprises, a company formalized the first step towards managing moderne.Cela will not only reduce paperwork, reduce human errors, reduce error rates, could be detected a lot of logistics and requirements of high speed, a substantial increase in the efficiency of logistics and personnel, reduce operating costs.

2. Can automatically on a number of relevant statistical data, create various statistical reports for decision makers to have a basis for decision making.

Second, improve customer service, increase customer satisfaction, increase market competitiveness.

1. Full utilization of resources, costs

Internet marketing approach to offer online customers queries on the status of marchandises.Alors that enterprise customers will not only have access to the inventory of all aspects of the business and data warehousing business customer in the logistics situation in transparency, improve the efficiency of the customer, reducing the burden of client.Région can also ask the online page dedicated to displaying images business, to help companies to increase their influence in the market.

2. A reasonable allocation of the funding cycle

flow of funds to manage the business plays a very important.L use and storage information system transportation management, customers can learn through the Internet at any time statistics corresponding stocks, but also to monitor the quantity of goods each entry, exit, survival, according to the latest market trends in time allocation of operating funds, the formulation of development plans.

Third, optimize storage resources, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of storage

warehouse management to achieve the goods in the warehouse, library statistics, management, inventory of goods, sorting, packaging and full use of stocks distributed network management improve the effectiveness of the use of stocks.Hangzhou Hummingbird software development company, also developed specifically for the majority of supplies a set of “distribution system equipment management” software is the logiciel.Le: Convenience , content and other characteristics of son.Il not only for the dealer to manage daily operations, but also distributors provide accurate and important statistiques.Hangzhou and software development company Hummingbird: united progressive, pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit is ready to serve wholeheartedly for all utilisateurs.Dans the same time, allow users to more practical application, efficiency is further improved, more improved in terms of competition and with the development and the user is always our goal.

storage management information system software four characteristics:

Accuracy: the system is stable, has a robust and fault tolerant functions.

Sensitivity: system software and hardware platforms and database systems are very open interface aside, the system more easily with other software (such as financial management software) and other embedded applications.

Ease of use: At the request of customers, products, equipment, staff and line work and other aspects of optimization, integrated management, improve the operational efficiency of enterprises.

Security: Network System provide a mechanism for effective and credible security to prevent unauthorized access or intrusion information, access and exchange of information to ensure data security and confidentiality, depending on the level of user access control access and access to confidential information.

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