Message Oriented Middleware technology based on the data

compliance with the requirements of central and departmental leaders, strengthen government controls, correct and standardize the construction market and improve macroeconomic regulation and government control of science, the Department of National Construction has decided to create the supervision of the national construction market and management information systems. As market surveillance of construction in all sectors relatively independent from the executive to support, therefore, the market the initial construction of enterprise management system to take the system of independent development, not an integrated, unified, with functions Guan Hong regulatory control of the exchange of informationséchange données.Toutes localities and departments the system platform, platform database and database structures are different, not to achieve inter-regional exchange of information between ministères.C is why the design of the system to determine the use of application server middleware technology, to ensure the normal operation of the existing management system based on the accumulation platform systems integration, data and translate them into separate data center business and the foundation of the monitoring system for the construction of marchéBien the necessary information through the platform of public information dissemination (website) to the public.

operating data through integration and middleware for transmitting données.plate transmission platform that uses middleware Apusic IMTS messages.Le middleware uses Java technology to produce high-volume, secure transmission données.Et of using Apusic Application Server provides load balancing technology to build clusters of servers and monitoring information system, monitoring Zhang Bao failure information system tolerance and reliability in the data center to run the server side of the platform, 24 h followed so that the system is opérationnelintégration data, system platform business client running Zhenghe customer, undertakes to comply with the Regulatory Affairs systems to extract data specification systems business data integrated platform for server-side program based on configurable rules for the treatment of integrated data analysis, validation and processing, loaded into the database center données.Les customer data collected by the management software to stream XML data format, then call the integrated platform transfer client data middleware platform functionality to download.

2 data transmission technology

network data, in general, should first examine the validity of his transmission.Si consider a scenario shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Node A and Node B for the transmission of data between the middle there is a firewall séparation.La most firewalls against an officer TCP / IP port access, which means using TCP / IP data transfer so will not be able node A and node B between deux.Dans the same time, most firewalls are open http port 80, which means that, through the protocol HTTP for network data transmission without the need to consider the long journey many guard feu.Dans such circumstances, J2EE application servers, such as Apusic Application Server provides a client-side Java programs for technology visit http tunnel.programme customer simply calls the URLConnection object in Java API can send data to the server.

Set aside the firewall, using a number of professional data transmission components, such as Kingdee Middleware Apusic IMTS, can reach a good capacity data transmission.

Apusic IMTS data transfer process in Figure 2

Apusic Application IMTS scenario shown in Figure 3

technology for data transmission, it is a possible approach is to use technology transfer JMS.JMS is Java Message Service, in general, J2EE application servers provide a service JMS.JMS two types on the topic and queue transmission messages.messagerie theme is a topic many customers booking news, and more generally to achieve post-multipoint data transmission, each client can be the subject of message.serveur based messaging queue that sent a message queue, a customer has received the message, the message is deleted from the queue. Certain application servers provide a capability called Enhanced Posts JMS, such as messaging middleware from IBM, the general principles and functional application similar to présente.Peut be seen, JMS technology-based data transmission, in addition to more difficult to bypass firewall the limited transmission data types (simple Java objects) and efficiency, not suitable for database data replication and integration of transport.

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