Microblogging website launched in India YouGup

Microblogging site is

YouGup website launched for all Indians to benefit from this free service. be in contact with everyone in 140 characters or less. Say what you do on your phone or computer. It works with all mobile phones. Invite friends Follow them or write private wells in India has developed very quickly and need dutiliser all the technologies available to the public is the key to developing more.
Nowadays there is not time to do anything. No time to say hello to family members or friends. Just work and work and sleep. Quest CEST what? We need Detre in contact with everyone. How is it possible, without wasting time.
This site YouGup Indians and all other groups of people can take this opportunity to use this service to best advantage. Everyone is now on Twitter as the basis of contacts, how something which is specially for Indians and all other communities and countries. This service will provide the point of communication between families and friends. just update your status and everyone who follows you will know what you were doing at the time. Wow no need denvoyer texts or emails or calls just go and YouGup lessayer free. Participate in the implementation of the Community to connect and update your current status. There are many microblogging services out there but CEST purest and best of all. You can also download pictures and send private messages.

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