Microsoft Gold Certified ISV by upgrading our technological advantage

Recently, gold and cooperation in new software with depth Microsoft, independent software vendor (ISV) partners.

Early last year, gold with Microsoft, IBM Sanjian combination, launch information solutions for SMEs. At that time, the two giants have their eyes on the precise management of gold and ideas come together to benefit. Cooperation Microsoft ISV this value once again the investment value of gold and software products.

Gold is the world leader in collaboration software market in cooperation with Microsoft is indeed close collaboration with Microsoft will allow the co-payments and full technical support, making payments and software products have more favorable technical advantage.

Payments and software products is its president, Mr. Luan Feng Yun based management “precise” thinking to achieve a means of product management “precision” suggests that the core of the design. Payments and software products have been the industry as “software of the mind”, the collaborative management software for precise positioning and provide real value to customers. Payments and management software creative play “precision” and the benefits of collaboration ideas to products, tools and solutions for industry function builds a model of participatory management in various industries.

collaborative management platform for managing reservations and C6 is based on Microsoft. NET development and SQL Server databases. Using the most popular SOA / MVC framework, such as the use of many advanced Ajax, RSS, etc. web2.0 technology.

Believe that Microsoft Support, gold in the management of “accuracy” and the great advantage of advanced software products, the situation will continue to widen the gap with competitors, changes in the market Inside, the model of collaboration, which once again confirms the strong determination rules of market competition.

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