Microsoft said the IE plug-in Chrome are not sure,


foreign media reports, Google for IE users Microsoft released “Chrome Frame” plug-in, the company will open to the public expressed opposition, saying that Chrome Frame to users IE a lot of security risks and is not recommended to use IE users to install.

Google Chrome browser technology development team official blog on Tuesday the company announced the IE browser Microsoft has released a user named “Chrome Frame” plug-ins, IE users to install the plug-in, the web browser IErendu and the engine will be based on JavaScript technology Chrome.

Google said Chrome Frame plug-in also supports IE 6, IE 7 and IE 8 and other versions.les IE users to install the plug-in, and despite the appearance of IE has not changed, but the background rendering engine used by the JavaScript and the Web site has become a Chrome.En addition, IE users to install Chrome Frame, and then open the web page and found that the browser can support standards Web HTML5.

Microsoft said Thursday in a statement, does not recommend users to Chrome Frame IE 使用 Cha Jian and Jian Yi Jiao version of IE older 用户 Jishi upgrade IE 8 Dao “in IE 8 当中,我们 has improved a lot Jishu, ensuring queutilisateurs. some browsers Google Chrome support, including to install the plug-in, which will bring many security problems. If IE users to install Chrome Frame plug-in, the security risk will be multiplied. We do not see the IE user intended to take the risk. “

Microsoft’s browser plug-in for criticism ie, Firefox Mozilla Developer technicians Dion Almer (Dion Almaer) said that Microsoft released IE plug-in fact, they had as much: “If Microsoft said plug-in safely, then vousle first in IE (Microsoft’s own media player technology online) Silverlight uninstall it.

Microsoft intervention capabilities IE

Microsoft’s IE team, the General Manager of Technology Development 阿米巴兹杜 Cass (Amy Barzdukas) announced Thursday that, in addition to security risks, IE users to install Google Chrome Frame plug -in, it will not work correctly with IE 8 provides navigation privacy, delete browsing history and other features, “Google does not explain why I think that IE users do not like to see. “

Google on Tuesday said that the IE 6 browser, the use of technical standards have become obsolete, Microsoft has refused to give up IE 6 support, so Google decided to release Chrome Frame to facilitate the IE 6 users can also use the latest browser technology.


this argument 巴兹杜卡斯 hard to believe: “If you are IE 6 users to install Chrome Frame is not the speed of your safety and increase navigation has been made. In fact, the best way is to abandon IE 6, maismise upgrade to IE 8. “

Google’s answer

Microsoft on Thursday released the opposition, Google on Thursday evening, said in a statement: “Google Chrome Frame is an open source plug-ins, is still in the early stages of development. The plug-in designed to improve the user’s Internet security navigationla nature. Although we recommend users to use more secure, standards to comply with the Firefox web browser, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome browser, but for those who still do not want to use IE browser users, Chrome Frameleur faster navigation and better security. “

Google went on to say: “IE users plug-in installed Chrome Frame will be able to pass the unique technology of Google Chrome sandbox to be more effective in the prevention of various types of malicious code and attacks phishing. “

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