Middleware is the key technology to achieve a e-commerce

application point of view, e-commerce Web application system, which means a wide variety of existing applications and new applications continue to expand the crescent, which requires companies IT needs to meet the growing demand, especially for Fen Bushiapplications networking, such as different hardware platforms, network environment, different databases interoperable systems, etc. These systems are based on traditional software or web tool software features can not satisfy the requirement that Dianzaishangwusystème application networking has also emerged in the middle of the platform.

What is Middleware?

Middleware (middleware) is the basis for a large class of software, are the areas of software réutilisables.Comme its name indicates, is the software operating system, middleware, applications and users communities. Middleware in the operating system, network and database on top of the bottom of application software, the overall effect is at the top of the application in its own software to work with the development environment to help users flexible and efficient development and integration of complex applications.

Among the many definitions of middleware, the most widely accepted is that the statements IDC: middleware software is a standalone system or program services, distributed applications using this software to share resources between different technologies, parmiconditions in server operating systems the customer resource management and computer communications network.

IDC definition of middleware is a kind of middleware software, rather than software, middleware not only interconnected but also to achieve interoperability between applications, middleware is software-based distributed processing, the descaractéristique most important is its communications network.

first thought middleware technology and functions of IBM CICS, but CICS is not the product of a distributed environment, so that people in general Tuxedo as the first in the strict sense of middleware products . Tuxedo is the fall of 1984 when AT & T Bell Labs did, but has not been distributed processing applications received in the business as successful today Tuxedo products at a time long single laboratory, étéacquis by Novell, Novell did not succeed in business by promoting the acquisition after the 1995 BEA now.

Although the concept of middleware produced very early, but the extensive use of middleware technologies is one of the last 10 années.BEA following the acquisition of the company was established in 1995, has become a Tuxedo middleware vendors, IBM MQSeries middleware products is 90 years, many other middleware products have also increased in recent years mûrir.Le field inside the initial phase of the middleware is the middleware foundation monde.TongTech early as 1992 began middleware research and development in 1993, launched the first product TongLINK / Q.On can say that starting in the field of foreign domestic middleware that time does not know much later.

Middleware can you do?

advisory body to the famous Standish Group research report summarized in a middleware ten benefits:

¨ shorten the development cycle of applications

cost of developing applications · Economy

· Reduce initial costs of building the system

· Reduce the failure rate of application development

· Protection of existing investments

· Simplify the integration of applications

· Reduce maintenance costs

· Improve the quality of application development

· To ensure continuity of technological progress

· Strengthen the vitality of the request

More specifically, the middleware shields the complexity of the operating system underlying, so that application developers have been faced with a development environment simple and unified, reduce programming complexity, focus on their activities, the process will pluslogiciel duplication system on the transplant different work, which greatly reduces the technical burden.

Middleware application system provides not only the development of simple, shorter development cycles, but also reduces system maintenance, operation and management of the workload, but also reduce the overall cost of entry informatique.enquête Standish, the use of middleware technology, application systems can reduce the total cost of the construction of approximately 50%. economic development users in the network, e-commerce major development today, advantage of the middleware, not just IT vendors, IT as winner and winner’s safer.

Second, the basic middleware software to a new level, the role of the different periods in the development of software on different operating systems integrate with each other as a seamless coordination, which is the system operating management system database itself can not faired ‘. Middleware that role, which makes continuous development of technology, we applied the software on the past is always somewhere to use the fruits of labor , saving a lot of manpower and financial contribution.

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