MII: Shanghai Suzhou and software revenue in the fourth to nearly 7 layers

According to the Ministry of Information Industry announced on the site “from January to July 2006 industrial and economic operation of electronic information,” the survey shows, the software industry to maintain rapid development, software services and software exports maintained a rapid development.

January-July revenues of the software industry in China 190.1 billion yuan, up 26.2%, with software revenue 112.2 billion yuan, up 22.6%; l systems integration 45.1 billion yuan, up 26.3%, to 32.8 billion software services, up DE40, 2% higher than the average software revenue growth of 14 points pourcentage.Les software exports $ 1.68 billion, up 32.2%.

From a regional perspective, Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shanghai, software sales top four software revenue of over 20 billion yuan, the total income of 131.4 billion yuan, which represents the proportion of the software industry reached 69.1%.

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