Ministry of Information Industry announced malware reported having received complaints from users phone

Yesterday, reporter learned from the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry website, the software suite “malicious” definition of a formal presentation, the Ministry of Information Industry issued malware , hotlines, (010-12321), began to receive reports and complaints from users.

Romanian coalition government, said the Chongqing site, the Alliance is also collecting some Chongqing users to report on the malware eventually organize themselves into the subject, sent to the Ministry of Industry Information.

It is reported that, according to the Internet Society of China officially launched the software “malicious” definition, malware refers especially to those who did not explicitly ask the user with or without permission of the user, users have installed on the computer running the software against the legitimate interests of users InternetToutefois, laws and regulations do not contain computer viruses.

Romanian coalition government, said Chongqing site, Chongqing site are already nearly ten thousand, quite a mixture, in the future if users experience a computer without permission mandatory installation of software, or modify the user’s browser can not normally access, etc., can appelrapport.

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