Mozilla has released Firefox 3 beta browser β2

few days ago, Mozilla has released the company for users of the open source web browser Firefox 3 beta β of seconds. In a month, Mozilla has released its first browser, Firefox 3 β test version.

new version Firefox beta 3 include more features and security, stability and compatibility and availability, there was a significant increase.

major new features to improve the function of the button positioning, you can address and the URL address bar history and bookmarks page title matches.

security has been provided to protect cross-site JSON data leaks, the services of top-level domain, web content restrictions, clearly show that the identification of sites and security protection against malware, stricter SSL error pages, download manager integrated anti-virus and unreliable plug-in version detection and so on.

In addition, new Firefox 3 to support navigation in offline mode, providing better stability and improvement of the data to accelerate the rendering of pages, etc..

other news, Microsoft has also revealed to the press, Microsoft will launch in mid-2008 the first IE8 beta β.

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